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Thread: Well endowed--Yea right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir_dragonfire
    The thing I never understand is why lie? It's not like they will not know when You have sex. Stupidity @ it's best.
    It's the same as somebody sending old pics and lying about their age/weight/hair color/ whatever. They think by then it won't matter when actually it probably isn't a problem except they lied about it. The are only two times a man brags about how small something of theirs is. One, when they are talking about their cell phone and two when somebody is looking for a small penis to try anal.
    Why is it we can pleasure ourselves but not tickle ourselves?

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    Default Re: Well endowed--Yea right!

    I think it's a shame that a guy can't be comfortable with what he has and feels he needs to be dishonest about. I can't see why he would bother when it will become very apparent later on. I've never paid attention to the "advertised" size to know if someone has been dishonest with me, it just doesn't matter... I'll find a way to enjoy it.

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