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    Originally posted by <YngSwingers>:

    When you refer to Traci Lords that is a completely different thing. The issue with Traci Lords was that you have to be 18 to do porn, not that you have to be 18 to have sex.

    In many states, the age of majority is 18. I have no way of determining what it is where you live. And just so you know, it's 14 here.

    Old enough to have sex, but not make porn. Hmmm....... Thanks for clearing that up.


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    Originally posted by <YngSwingers>:
    Again my age when I started is beside the point. But just so that you know 16 is the legal age of consent here, so there is no legal issue.

    When you refer to Traci Lords that is a completely different thing. The issue with Traci Lords was that you have to be 18 to do porn, not that you have to be 18 to have sex.

    To All:
    Not that it matters, but you will find that most states these days have the age of consent at 16. Age should not matter as long as the person is mature enough to handle the situation. I myself am 33, but I like younger women. My wife is 26. She was 16 when we started dating, but she had the maturity of a 20 yr old. I agree it's nice to have people your own age to play with, but be open to all... even if they are old enough to be your parents. Just not your grandparents, LOL. Also for us older people, just cuz she's 19 doesn't mean she is a kid. Give her a chance... you'll find she is probably just as much fun as the older women... if not more!
    Good luck finding a match.... & if you're near MI, give us a hollar.

    S & J

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    Wow... talk about a lesson in semantics! To your larger point fellow young swingers, we would recommend avoiding the club scene and sticking to private parties and meet-greets at other locations (such as all ages clubs and 18andup clubs). We, at 25, are both still a little young in the club scene. The key to our happiness in the scene is that we rarely go to clubs on our own. Even if you arrange a meeting with people you've met over the internet so it is a group of people rather than just one person/couple you'll find these situation a lot better than clubs. It is kinda rough, we know. But the cool thing is it only gets easier!

    [ 05-29-2002, 12:58 AM: Message edited by: youngswingers ]

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    Originally posted by <YngSwingers>:
    Well we wouldn't want to be with someone my parents age any more than they would want to be with us. That would be kinda weird and icky

    But we would like to find others that are closer to our own ages, not necessarily 19 but under 30. We just aren't having an easy time at it.

    beginner in the scene

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    As far as the age thing, well i think 10 years really puts you 2 in different age catagories. I mean lets face it he is going into his 30s and you into your 20s. But besides that, I guess the real problem would be, what are you guys doing to find couples?

    With the internet becoming so popular I would check out other sites such as this and post ads yourself. I have had pretty good success with yahoo. (of course now they have started charging for a lot of their services)

    Personally I have a "rule" in which I do not meet with anyone under 21. I do this for a variety of reasons, a few being 1) Some clubs require 21+ ( I usually do first meets at a club) 2) Different Interest.

    As far as meeting someone older, well my "cut-off" is 40. I know this cut-off will probably change with my age, but for now anyone as old as parents is kinda "icky". I think everyone would agree to that, I mean how many 40 yr olds are interested in a 60 or 70 yr old couple?

    Good Luck and I think you will find that as you get older your search may become easier and your age range may become larger. (just remember when your guy is 39 you will still be in your 20s)
    "only live once"

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    I'd have to agree that age shouldn't be an automatic barrier, but it is something to be considered. I'm 40 and have enjoyed the company of 18-year-olds and 55-year-olds (and have been disappointed by other 18-year-olds and 55-year-olds ). While people of similar age will have more similar cultural experiences just for being in the same age cohort, writing off a younger single/couple as callow or an older single/couple as decrepit can mean missing out of meeting some great people. I like to think of individuals and couples *as* individuals and couples, not as a slice of an age group or a religious group or a racial or ethnic group who must conform to some preconceptions of that group.

    Of course, after all that, most of my experiences *have* been with those of similar age. But I like to think I'm openminded enough to discover what make someone tick before saying "yea" or "nay", and the same openmindedness in others is a turn-on for me.


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    Just my two cents worth, but I know that in my early 20's and late teens I just wasn't ready to let someone that I cared about have sex with someone else. The old green monster. My guess is that most folks in that age group also feel that way. The ones who can handle it are pretty rare (IMHO)

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    Originally posted by TomF_22033:
    Just my two cents worth, but I know that in my early 20's and late teens I just wasn't ready to let someone that I cared about have sex with someone else. The old green monster. My guess is that most folks in that age group also feel that way. The ones who can handle it are pretty rare (IMHO)

    I agree, Tom. I have been in and out of swinging since I was in college (19) and it seemed like everytime I had a *boyfriend* that activity took a nose dive up until about the age of 28. I don't know that it was necessarily me as I had been indulging in swinging but maybe moreso them.

    Then I would also like to add that I really never enjoyed swinging as much as I did once I became *mature*. By mature I mean, knowing myself, feeling comfortable with myself, knowing what direction I wanted to take in my life, what my career was going to be, starting that career, paying bills, etc etc, you know that metamorphis that hits people between the ages of 25 and 35, some earlier some later. I know that everyone goes thru many metamorphises in their lifetimes but it's that big one that I'm speaking of...the one where you wake up one morning and say, 'Boy what a dummy I parents had the clue all along, it was me who didn't have the clue.' That one!!

    VOTE FOR JULIE!! [Blowjob]

    One thing about me is that I'm consistant in my behavior, my thoughts, and my posting. I don't sell out or change for any reason outside of my own self wanting to. What you see is what you get: today, tomorrow and every day after that.

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    I'm not really sure that I get this age thing. Since Biblical times, men of all ages have been attracted to young women. It was'nt uncommon for women to marry at 12 or 13, and by the time they reached 21, they had already given their husbands a housefull of children. When I was 12, I discovered my fathers stash of Playboy magazines, and also discovered ,to my delight, the desirable qualities of 19 to 25 year old women. I'm celebrating my 55th birthday today, and I am still in awe of beautiful 19-25 year old women. I imagine that if I live long enough, I'll still be attracted to images of beautiful young women well into my 60's, 70's. My wife of twenty years is 17 years younger than I am, and we have a wonderful, loving relationship that I would'nt trade for the world. As far as swinging goes, that is something that we did'nt get into until just a couple of years ago. Yes, it takes a lot of trust, understanding, caring and love to reach the point in a relationship where one feels comfortable enough to share their partner with others. Trust and communication are the key as far as I am concerned. If you love the one you are with, then you do what you can to help them to find happiness and fulfillment. The people we got together were younger then me, and older than my wife, and we had a really good time together. Some women are turned on to younger guys,while others(like my wife) seem to be attracted to older guys. The same can be said for men- some like an older, more experienced woman, while others lust after the young stuff. I don't think Playboy will be featuring centerfolds the same age as Hugh Hefner, but a few years ago they had one hell of a pictorial featuring Joey Heatherton, and she is still a knockout at, what, maybe 60? So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the age thing does'nt really matter all that much. Hell, vintage wines and vintage automobiles and antique furniture are worth more now than when they were first produced. I like to think that there's more to me now than there was at 20.

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