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    Default Re: Single men are to be respected

    Quote Originally Posted by curiousagain
    I guess in a nutshell if you don't want to hear from single men, block them online and don't go to clubs that let them in. By simply treating all single men badly you are making it difficult for the couples that want to meet them. If you do want to meet single men, be aware of what you will have to do to weed through the bad.

    I like that

    Ted and Teresa
    No lifetime is enough unless you live it in such a way as to make it enough.

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    Default Re: Single men are to be respected

    I really wanted to respond to this as to provide another single guy's point of view.
    Quote Originally Posted by curiousagain
    #1 Couples who don't have pics or at least face pics on their profile but state that any singles that contact them must send a face pic or the email will be deleted. Why?? Do you think your wife is so hot we will give up our discretion?
    I have a rule. I prize my discretion. If a couple who doesn't have a picture online I don't mind sending them one if they send me a message. However, with some experiences with just really rude floks (both singles and couples) I don't send it on the first reply. I usually reply back thanking them for the message and telling them that as a rule I like to respond and get a reply back from them so that I know they are real and interested for sure. Then and only then do I send a picture. I've had too many married guys ask me to hook up with them with a promise that they will involve their wives later on. BUT their wives KNOW that they are doing this they are just "testing" me out first. Whatever that's just crazy. Like I would ever do that. It's insane how many of these guy contact me.

    #2 Couples that have close ups of their genitals on their profiles, but deride any single male sending dic pics. Can you say confusing double standard? I know, the close ups may not be the only thing on their profile, but remember we are talking about confusing newbies.
    First of all, if a couple has a pic or pics of their "fun parts" online forget it I won't contact them. I'm way more interested in sexy pictures. Sexy pictures get me going more and if a couple has sexy pictures online that's a good indication they are more in line with my thinking. But I too have read many profiles as curiousagain describes.

    #3 Couples who insist on respect from the single male but then treat the single male as a trained seal and expect them to like it. Not in this lifetime, thank you very much
    100% agree.

    #4 Couples that demand a certain size or minimum number of copulations per encounter. Hmmm, sounds more like an advertisement for a porn star. I hope they don't get mad when the applicant acts like a prima donna or acts like he is doing them a favor or just there for the sex.
    Oh yes I've seen plenty of ads asking for the "hung" single guy must have 8+ inches and can go for hours. That's fine I don't contact those people. Maybe that's why those single guys on SLS who have validations out the waahzoo and cock pics on their profile get so much play time? Are there an abundant amount of couples that are looking for a male who can last forever and have 8+ inches of playful massiveness?

    #5 Just as this supershadow guy expects if he goes to a club and pays to get in he is "owed" sex by every female there, some couples act as if since they are offering a single male sex they are owed sex in whatever way, shape, form,or time they demand. Does a couple really want a single man without self respect and so deparate he will do anything? Ok, some do, but most don't.
    If I hadn't been talking on this site to everyone about swiniging and was a moron and not done any research on things about swinging would I as a single male think this way? There's a good chance that yes I would. The reason being is that most covers for guys are at least double what they are for everyone else. I'm not one to spend a ton of money on something, have high exptations, and then have a huge let down especially when you can't get your money back. IMO those guys who expect sex when they pay those prices in a swing club must be thinking they are getting a hooker or something. Maybe clubs should put some sort of disclaimer when single men come so they know what they are doing before they dish out that kind of money?

    #6 Couples that entice their prospective playmates with graphic photos of the female in not erotic but pornographic poses and that show her having sex with many different partners or several at a time then complain that people are emailing them acting as though she is just an easy piece. I assume these people rode the short bus to school. The average guy who has never been in the lifestyle and only has what he has heard about it to go on would think that.
    I too find this funny! Our gender is dumb as a post. I bet 9 out of 10 guys send the same message to 50 people. Just cut and paste them over and over and see how they can catch. I bet 9 out of 10 guys just look at the pictures on the profile and never read it and send a message. Like most sites say... The profiles with pictures on them get many more views. Those with nude pictures get many more views and emails. Those with tons of pictures of people have lots of sex get a million gabillion views and emails. I'm just glad some sites have caught on and realize that it's a good thing to have a block single males button (why don't they put on a block single females and couples I dunno you would think they would).

    #7 Couples who advertise straight but then want the single male to engage in bisexual or homosexual activity. Hmm and they listed honesty as one of the things they were looking for in prospective playmates.
    I've run into a few couples that have wanted me to do some bi play when they were listed as straight (I list myself as straight). That's fine with me if they aren't truthful with the public b/c I can see why the guy wouldn't want to publicly advertise that he's curious or bi to the world. IMO it's still too much of a taboo with most people that it's really risky to do so. What I hate are the guys who are married who contact me and want bi play. I'm freak'n listed at straight! They usually say a few things like: My wife told me I could explore on my own. Yeah RIGHT! or I wanted to "test" you out before we get my wife involved. HAHAHA! WHATEVER!

    #8 Couples who contact you and want you to show up at tonight at a certain motel room at a certain time "ready to be pleased". Provided they aren't a fake, do they really expect decent treatment from singles who would do that?
    For me this is so ridculous that I would never in a million years do this. I don't know this couple at all. I don't know any of the guys at all. How many times has this couple done this? Who have the guys they been with been with? Are they safe? Have they been safe in the past? I guess some people get off on this but for me it's just way too dangerous cause who knows who is going to show up packing whatever it maybe an STD a weapon or what?

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    Default Re: Single men are to be respected

    With SLS you can make yourself invisible to males, females, or couples or any combination or all three.
    Why is it we can pleasure ourselves but not tickle ourselves?

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