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Thread: Bi couples, not just bi women--where are they?

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    Default Re: Bi couples, not just bi women--where are they?

    A large number of swinger profiles on SLS, for example have a bi or bi-curious gal. A smaller percentage have a bi-curious guy. Damn few have a bi guy. We have found (admittedly, our sample is statistically small) that with both the guys and gals, some that say straight are bi-curious and some that say bi-curious are bi. It is all because of the stuff that U2 said. Won't try to repeat or even paraphrase.

    Does this help you in your search? Only a little. Our suggestion is to just keep plugging (pun intended) in there and search in whatever way makes you comfortable. You WILL come (cum) across someone that is what you ultimately are searching for.

    If you decide to not limit your search to couples, try searching in the single male categories. Lots of bi and bi-curios guys there, believe me. Or just open your personal profile to single guys and you will be deluged believe me.

    Good luck and happy hunting. Part of the fun, by the way, is in the search.

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    Default Re: Bi couples, not just bi women--where are they?

    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleL
    Admittedly we have only been looking seriously for people for a few days, but it's already become pretty clear that if you are a bi couple as we are it is hard to find other ones. Most of the listings we find on swappernet and SWS feature a bi woman and a straight man--I know there are lots of things at play here including a healthy dose of homophobia, but this is very frustrating since we are searching for couples who are like us not only physically and in mindset, but also in sexual orientation. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there someplace specific we should be looking or just watch carefully for the few and far between fully bi couples? Is this different in different parts of the country (we're searching GA and FL, but soon we'll be going to Seattle/Tacoma, so....)?
    Have you ever try BI-female with bi-curious male. Why have to be fully bi-couple. You get some couple that like the hole bi thing.

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