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    Default Re: Mild Body Image Issues

    newbie chiming in (lol): i agree with all the comments stated previously. what it boils down to is the fact that while you might not be at the ideal height/weight proportion you wish you were RIGHT THIS SECOND, you are someone else's idea of pretty darned "perfect"! don't only gives you wrinkles! be graceful in accepting yourself as you are, make no apologies for yourself, and enjoy do anything else would only be a waste of your time. hopping off my soapbox now...
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    Default Re: Mild Body Image Issues

    this lyfestyle is the reason why I GOT INTO SHAPE. i thought "i want to play with the beautiful people" and those are the first ones who write "be young and fit only" and i was not going to settle for less than i wanted.

    i am not attracted to people that are poorly groomed or overweight, but that is just me, plenty of people like meat!!! there is plenty for everyone but i advise you that if your issue with body image is causing you to stress, perhaps you should change it FOR YOURSELF... work out and eat better and you will see what a difference it makes in your confidence and how you see others.

    this way of life puts pressures on women that most men dont have (looking good because we want to look good not just for the men but for the women too) and i think the best way to deal with it is being good to yourself... i dont know if i am able to explain myself..

    if something about yourself bothers you, then change it!

    hope this helps

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    Default Re: Mild Body Image Issues

    I am heavy while my girlfriend is very fit. When we first started talking about swinging I was very reluctant because I was concerned about my weight and appearance. She assured me that she was happy and thought I was sexy. The first time we went to an on-premises swing club I got over my reluctance. There were men and women there who were heavier, and more out of shape than me, and they were swinging and having a good time. Since then we have played with people of all sizes and shapes and had a great time.

    We avoid the clubs where they emphasize appearance and youth too much, as in "must be HW proportionate" or "must fit our standards of appearance." They sound to snooty to enjoy anyway.

    So, don't worry about how you look, just go and have fun.

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