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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Quote Originally Posted by fun4Ds View Post
    O.k, One time..... But the girls were drunk....

    They put a pair of panties on my head, for a hat...

    Does that count ?
    Not unless you provide photographic evidence for us all to vote on

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I do ware panties when I go to parties but it is usually ware a g-string. It doesn't stay on long though.

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Mrs. Ekies can go either way on undergarments (or outer garments for that matter). She likes to be a bit of a tease sometimes and sometimes she likes possible lovers to be able to get a good handful under her skirt while on the dance floor or at the bar or at dinner.

    She uses panties or the lack thereof to make herself feel sexy and to tease and arouse possible playmates.

    Either way...I'm excited.


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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Quote Originally Posted by des1re06 View Post

    guys like to take them off.

    Mrs. D

    I have to agree with this. I enjoy the act of taking down a pair of panties. I wouldn't expect Eve to wear them all the whole time, but it's a fun way to start the night.

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I don't wear them every day, but when we go to the social, I wear them. I've had too many encounters where a man (or actually, just as often, some woman) reaches under said skirt without permission. Besides, I do actually have some cute ones that I never get to wear otherwise.

    "Swinging is a lot like riding a Harley, ...for those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don't, no explanation is possible." --Mr. Alura

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Is this thread only for the ladies or can guys answer it too
    There are fish in the water that haven't been caught yet.

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Pretty much never, as it would just be one more thing for me to lose. I have a habit of forgetting things at parties, so i tend to wear/bring as little as possible.

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Tammie, aka Kasiah NEVERS wears panties ever.

    she can be seen on SMYW, wifeposters, etc or you can ask for a pic of her via email

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    Wink Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I rarely wear them in everyday life. I never wore them back when going to a vanilla club. I certainly don't wear them to a swingers club or event!! LOL

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I love it when she wears a thong with her partner, visually it looks great and pulled to one side it allows plenty of access. She always wears ones I have bought and I love seeing them go from clean and fresh to sweat pussy and and cum stained. They also help to keep the cum in for me to slide into later.

    A present is always better wrapped!

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I hardly ever wear panties to the parties, although having guys take of the g-string sounds fun

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    Wow, I seem to be in a small minority here. I always wear panties. Of course, we don't have on-premises clubs here, so it might be different if I expected to have sex right there at the club.

    I like having my panties taken off of me when I find someone who motivates me that much. Not only that, but I don't like the feeling of going without. I get sweaty and gushy and I don't like walking around that way; it's just not comfortable and I'm liable to end up with red bumps (i.e., a rash). Dancing without panties on, at least when I'm dancing to dance and not to feel and be felt, is like exercising without them on and I wouldn't do that.

    I guess I go even further: I'm uncomfortable without a bra or at least a dress that holds my breasts a little, like a halter or a shelf bra. Before we entered the lifestyle, I never realized that other women aren't uncomfortable going without. Finally I also realized that my nipples are very sensitive compared to many women. I simply don't like fabric rubbing against them... too irritating.

    In general, I've always felt that underwear can be sexy. Going without makes one accessible. I'd rather be sexy but accessible to only a very few, especially since there are a few people out there who feel it's okay to be a little grabby.
    Through every dead and living thing, Time runs, like a fuse. -- Jackson Browne

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I usually do wear panties. I tend to get pretty worked up at the club, which means I can get pretty wet. Panties help manage that... and they look hot, too!

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    It really depends on what I'm wearing.
    If I'm wearing a dress that you could either a)see a panty line or b)the side is cut out or the back plunges.. then no I don't wear them.

    If I have a pair that goes with the dress or outfit on purpose (many of the dresses and outfits you purchase at the sex shops come with a pair of panties), then I will most likely wear them.

    It all just depends on what I'm wearing, but mostly I do not wear panties or a bra.
    She writes.. He reads

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    Default Re: Wearing Panties to the club?

    I usually wear very brief bikini panties or a thong when I am going to a party. I have found over the years that most guys like to be able to take something off to get at me!

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