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Thread: Nanny approached us for sex but wants husband more than wife

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    Default Re: New development, am I overreacting?

    fire her. and see her in private with your wife present for a threesome. talk to wife about it though as she is most important.

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    Default Re: New development, am I overreacting?

    I don't give a damn about the labor laws--here is the important point. This woman has now propositioned you for an intimate encounter alone with you. That means someone living in YOUR HOUSE has feelings for you and is seeing if you'll take the bait. That means she's got to go. I don't know where, I don't know how, but if she doesn't go, I see this ending badly if she's kept in the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coupleinidaho
    Only problem is that later that afternoon, B pulled me aside while I was finishing up some work in my office at home, and said that she was actually more interested in having sex with me, than having her first bi experience with my wife (although she is turned on by the latter). This kinda made me feel uncomfortable, not only because of her actual feelings on this subject, but because she specifically chose to bring her feelings up while my wife was away. Am I reading more into this than I should because of my wife's pronounced feelings on the subject of swinging, or do I have a valid concern?
    I personally wouldn't worry too much about it. You and your wife have not swung, she is young and hasn't been in the lifestyle and doesn't know the rules. I'd tell her that is not the idea and that you come as a couple or not at all.

    We had this same situation with a gal I met in West Yellowstone while on business. Ironically enough she was from Idaho Falls and 20-years old. We hit it off well and I laid-out the situation. Mrs. WS and her talked on the phone, sent emails back and forth, etc. She came to Salt Lake twice and both times tried to see me alone. Both times I told her we are a package deal. She eventually disappeared from our lives.

    I would have to believe your nanny would be the same way. Either she will respect it or she will move on. I don't think this girl is in love with you and is a threat to you that way. I think she sees it as some fun with you. It's kind of a fantasy situation anyway, wouldn't you agree?

    Regardless, I'd first tell your wife about it and get her input. Swinging is all about honesty, and this shows you're very honest with her. I'll bet she goes with firing her.

    Mr. WS
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