My wife and I had just gotten back late Saturday night from Christmas shopping for our children and extended family, and decided to have a few glasses of wine in front of the fireplace to relax. Our nanny ended up sitting down with us and having a few glasses herself, as she had quite the day keeping the kids occupied while we were away. One thing lead to another, and we casually mentioned this board and our brief discussions on the swinging lifestyle. This topic seemed to interest B (our nanny, who's been with our family for over 2 years), to the degree of her confessing that she was bi-curious, and turned-on by the idea of being intimate with a couple. This peaked my wife's interest, as B is 21, in great shape and very attractive (wife is bi curious). Although the wife and I went to bed without B (and had some great sex to boot), we talked about it again during our morning walk on Sunday (the wife and I, that is). Just talk, no plans, which is fine with me, as I figured swinging was out of the question with my wife's feelings on the subject (see our previous posts).

Only problem is that later that afternoon, B pulled me aside while I was finishing up some work in my office at home, and said that she was actually more interested in having sex with me, than having her first bi experience with my wife (although she is turned on by the latter). This kinda made me feel uncomfortable, not only because of her actual feelings on this subject, but because she specifically chose to bring her feelings up while my wife was away. Am I reading more into this than I should because of my wife's pronounced feelings on the subject of swinging, or do I have a valid concern?