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Somehow, magically the header for the post was changed to "Married,frustrated and wanting to play as a single man" which might reflect some editorial/moderator thing. I am in no way suggesting that I am available for or involved in "cheating". I am simply stating that I still would enjoy the lifestyle IF my wife was still interested and am expressing my empathy toward people who would like to experience the lifestyle but don't know how to "get started".
I changed your title to reflect what you shared here. I wasn't the one who originally changed your title but title changing to make a thread title more appropriate to the thread (or search engine friendly ) is a common practice here. In this case, until your last post your thread read as tho you were looking to swing on your own without your wife (even in your post about having asked her for permission and being declined). I'm glad to see that is not the case, and I know there are many others here in your shoes that empathize with you as well.