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    Default Best Responses to Ads

    I was just checking out ads and debating replying to one or two, when I realized I have no idea what to say! It's really been that long since we've attempted this route, as we have typically stuck to just meeting people at clubs and socials. The occasions that we do contact people it's usually because they will be at a party/social we are attending so it gives us an easy opener.

    I was surprised, upon looking, that this isn't a topic that's been discussed in quite a while. So, what is your best opener when replying to ads? Or for that matter, what do you like to see when you get replies?
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    That is a difficult question. Each and every interesting profile we see evokes a different reaction. We have no typical or formulated message. We feel that everything people need to know about us at first is already said in our on-line profile. So if there is anything that characterizes our approach it is that the message is brief. We never, however, use that incredibly distasteful grouping of words, "have a look at our profile and tell us what you think."

    One opening line that was recently used with success -- You too look great. We would like to meet you.

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    Default Re: Best Respones to Ads

    We always read therir profile completely and find some common ground and mention that in our opening email. If local, we also ask if they ever attend xx club to open the door to a potential meeting venue. There's no one line we stick to, we try to make our emails as individual as the people we are contacting. We typically will open our face pictures to them as well so they can fully assess their interest. Something we do end most emails with is asking for a reply even if there's no interest in meeting on their end.
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