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    Default Re: Bi sexual / Bi curious Ladies

    Quote Originally Posted by Tia Vampire
    Thank you Tybeeswing, i now know that i'm not bi-curious at all. Two of your other descriptions describe me to a tee.
    Really, Tia? How so? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Default Re: Bi sexual / Bi curious Ladies

    I agree. We see allot of this as "socially-bi" behavior at non-swinger night clubs where 20-something women dance sexy with their friends to turn their boyfriends on... but none of them will take it past a dance, kiss, and an an occasional grope. It's all for show.
    Mr. WS[/QUOTE]

    Would this not be the same as a "cock teaser" but only for women?! I do not think this is cool at all. My motto is don't start something you are not willing to finish and/or follow through on.

    I can though understand that the 20 something group all want to be cool and be considered to be "in". In the old days we called this peer pressure and got ourselves into trouble for dabbling in things we were not really interested in persuing. Well at least I did anyway.

    But thanks for the definitions, they are very helpful.

    Mrs Fencepost

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    Tia Vampire

    Default Re: Bi sexual / Bi curious Ladies

    For all of the inquiring minds-It does not taste like chicken. Who ever said that it did, was telling an all out lie.Plus it's just not my thing. Have to stick with the d**k. It likes me and I love it.

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