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Who runs this site? Is this site affiliated with any major clubs or magazines?

This site is run by a real swinger couple. I am Julie, your hostess, and with the assistance of several moderators in the forums, I run thie site. This site is not in any way connected to any other major sites, clubs or magazines (we just provide you with the info). I have set up partnerships with many of the larger personal ads providers in order to provide you direct access to swingers personal ads and at the same time keep this site free. This site is FREE, and is kept free via the partnerships mentioned above as well as the income generated by the Swinger Pics section, which is the only portion of this site where you will be required to register and provide age verification before accessing.

How long has this site been up?

JustAskJulie started this site in the fall of 1997 on a different domain, and in 1998 bought the domain and the site has been here ever since. It started out as a free source for swingers personal ads. Over the years it has grown and taken many forms before becoming what it is now - a great resource for swinger information and a great place to communicate with other swingers and those interested in swinging.

How do I search for others in my area through this site?

The Swingers Board is a bit different from most swinger sites in that this is NOT a contact site. It is an information site and with that in mind we do not make the member list available. We encourage everyone to get involved in the site through the chat room, stories and forums and get to know each other through those means. As you look around you can view member profiles by clicking on members usernames but we do not allow searching of the member database. If you are simply looking to browse personal ads and profiles, I would suggest that you check out one (or many) of the sites that I have listed in our personal ads section.

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