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    Default Re: What Could Be More Private?

    For us we don't mind our faces being shown in our public pics, but any pics that might be thought of as being too sexy or any nudes are in our private pics. Even then, we don't have anything that would be considered hardcore..most pics have clothing on them with a few extra bits showing.

    We just try to keep our public pics to g rated type pictures that show us in our everday lives.


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    Default Re: What Could Be More Private?

    We used to have our face shown in our public pics and nudies in our private pic area. But with the recent news media coverage of how swingers in Utah are luring saintlike Mormon men into a seedy underworld of deception and infidelity, we felt it best to remove all our public pics. Mrs. WS has been really worried recently about being outed. Also, we are not looking for any new playmates right now, so not having public pics we thought would slow down the number of emails we have to politely decline. We now have a sexy clip-art pic for our primary pic and our PG-rated face pics in our private area in case we want to converse with someone.

    Mr. WS
    "Sex is something you do, sexuality is something you are." ~ Anna Freud

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    Default Re: What Could Be More Private?

    Our profile has lots of face shots, somewhat risque shots, but no nudes. We used to have three pictures that were private, one was of me topless and two were more risque poses that only those who had been with us would understand and appreciate

    After getting constant requests to open our privates, I removed those pictures so that people would get the impression that we were hiding something. They were simply meant for two couples we had already been with.

    We personally aren't into showing nudes before we meet - we figure we want to give you something to look forward to. Thats just us though.
    Mrs. LiCouple4u
    Just your average married couple seeking friends with benefits :fun:

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