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    Default Jealous of size?

    My wife and I were talking about the guy we would invite into our lives for some MFM fun. Her question to me was "what if his penis is really large, would you be jealous?" Well, I am no porn stud, but I am pretty happy and I assured her that not only would I not be jealous, but say "bring it on"...

    Not really a question I guess, just wondering if anyone felt different?

    Jim & Rebecca

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    Jim and Rebecca,

    We corresponded years ago when you were first getting into swinging. Loved your pictures. Rebecca is a real beauty. Jim, your equipemnt is just fine. Based on our experience, my wife never compared me to anybody else's size. She has had much bigger and much smaller.

    As the old saying goes in the radio business, it's not the size of your tower, it's the amount of your power. That applies here just as well.

    I'm guessing Rebecca will not make any comparison. She clearly prefers you to anybody else. Keep it up!

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    We've had similar conversations, and sometimes I can tell my wife is nervous if the wife of the couple we are meeting is really tiny...but I remind her constantly she is by beauty and my sex goddess otherwise we wouldn't have been together and married for 20+ years. The lifestyle is all about meeting new people with different interests, different body types, and different's a venerable box of chocolates. Time to eat!
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    Guest screaminggood's Avatar

    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    My husband enjoys the view when an extremely large man is stretching me!!

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    Mrs. Ekies is actively looking for a "large" man...she'll take him as deep in her mouth and vagina as is possible for her and then go home with me. I just hope she has as much fun as she wants.

    And lets me take a few pics...

    If she decides to divorce me and marry him I'll be a bit jealous...

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    The only reason to worry about size is, if its too much for HER

    So long as everyone is on the same page and its clear that despite the Rollercoasters she can ride, its Your Theme park she comes home to..
    Reality Checks written Upon Request

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    Swinging is about enjoying variety and introducing new dimensions into your sex life. That includes penis size as well. Some will be bigger some will be smaller some will have different shapes etc etc and that is all fine and dandy.

    Honestly, the main issue she/you will have is that so many men are unable to perform in a swinging situation. In time she will be thrilled any time a guy can actually get it up and get it to work regardless if it is 3 inches or 13.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    No point in my being jealous. EVery guy has been bigger than me, but my lady always ended up next to me in bed the next morning.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    Quote Originally Posted by iapr View Post
    Swinging is about enjoying variety and introducing new dimensions into your sex life. That includes penis size as well. Some will be bigger some will be smaller some will have different shapes etc etc and that is all fine and dandy.
    That variety is one of the reasons we're into swinging in the first place. Lin is looking for that 13 incher too, BTW...

    It's a valid question, J&RNNJ. Lots of guys have that concern. "Gee, what if she likes that guy's equipment more than she likes mine?" It's good to see that you're not concerned about that. Like others have said, there's a lot more to your relationship than the size of your willy.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    I received a PM from someone that was considering sharing his wife. He asked, what if his cock is bigger than mine. She might like it better and leave me.

    My response to him was that if he was concerned about the size of another cock fucking his wife. He probably should consider not sharing her. I asked him if he would leave his wife because of a women with a tighter pussy? He said point taken. I also told him to be prepared that a guy could fuck your wife a lot better then he does. This floored him. My wife plays and enjoys several different guys. I like to watch and see her enjoy herself. There are a couple of these guys that fuck like stallions. You can tell she enjoys herself based on the noise she makes. This has never bothered me. We are in a secure relationship. I would have a problem if she was going out to dinner and having a relationship with someone else. This sex is not a relationship. It is sex. Enjoyment. So not sure this guy is prepared for sharing yet.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    ok I can get into this thread. My wife and I married at 18 I was her 1st when we were in our mid 20's I started think she missed out on seeing what other guys had and started to encourge her to think about doing a mfm 3-some. well what we found out was I was above average but we had lots of fun with these other guys.
    now ther were 2 guys that we tried to have fun with but both were very small and could do nothing to please her.
    so nope never been jealous
    He is J she is D

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    It's a good thing to let smaller guys know if your wife can't be pleased by them. In that way, nobody has to waste their time. In cases where I found a woman was hard to please, she didn't do much for me, either.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    While I absolutely adore the big men, we've decided that when we find a smaller guy, we'll ask him to help us try a dp....a different variation of "it's just knowing how to use the equipment."

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    We've never come into a situation where I was of inferior size to the point where its been anything to worry about.

    If we did I'd worry less about being jealous with my wife. I'd worry more about his wife not being as interested in what I brought to the party.

    Mrs. Chicup was once with a guy small enough it did nothing for her, so its hard to say if someone really gets used to a big one if that same thing wouldn't happen with my average one.

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    Default Re: Jealous of size?

    It's never been an issue with us. In fact, it's a turn on to see her with another well endowed guy. And Tam enjoys guys on the larger side too. I'm well above average myself, but most of the couples we play with (on a somewhat regular basis) the guys are as big or bigger than me. A few times after playing I've mentioned to her that he was pretty big. She replied "He's no bigger than you." Maybe it just looks that way...must be the angle There have been a couple times that Tam's been disappointed in how small a guy was when we started playing They were definately on the bottom of the average curve. But you'd never know she was disappointed She can fake it pretty good. Hmmmmm.....makes me wonder if she's had a lot of practice faking it with me

    Take it easy baby......but take as much as you can.

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