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    Default Re: Small Town - Playing in your backyard???

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.LoveUbye View Post
    Mrs.LoveUBye is a small business owner in this town. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    This is the key to your question in my/our eyes. Like you I am a retail business owner, Mrs. Stays at home. We deal with families, sponsor kids sports and are somewhat high profile. We are very cautious about who we play with. Although you would think that most of us are here for the same thing. Some People can be treachorous. Some people in the lifestyle have nothing to lose by being outted. Some people in the lifestyle are open about it. Some of these people can't keep a secret. Some people join just to see who's a swinger and "have" something on their neighbor. , because as you said they have nothing better to do. My advice is that if you have something to lose by being outted, play away from home.

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    NEVER "play" where you eat

    If any negative info gets out, you business could be trashed. We met one couple from our own town and will never do it again. They tend to get drunk every time they play and what if they talk when they are with another group and drunk? No thanks. Never doing that again.
    Life is only as good as you make it!

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    We also list a larger town here in the KC metro area as our "home" - Our town is growing, but still carries a lot of small-town characteristics. I don't know whether we would play with another couple from here - I guess it would depend on who they knew in town. Mrs JoCo is a lifetime resident of this town, so we would want to be careful of word getting around, especially to her family - they are also still in this area. We'll likely go on up into the city to do our playing when the time comes.
    Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'.

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    I guess it would depend on the risk vs reward.
    If I met a "fly by night swinger" in my town and then had them turn squirrly on me, I would have ALOT to lose. I volunteer with kids and the parents are "good, wholesome" types who would not understand.
    Your friend,
    To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

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    We live a small town. Maybe around 3000 people. We decided early on to NOT play in our town.

    We drive anywhere from 40 to 90 miles to have our fun and that's OK with us. To us, it didn't matter if they were there for the same reason or not -- people here don't know how to keep their mouths shut. We have a lot to lose, like our jobs. I was a state worker, now a county and his job is a little more hush-hush than mine.

    When they say they're gonna be discreet, just how discreet do they mean? "They won't tell their mother but they'll tell their best friend" type of discreet?

    When we said discreet, we mean everyone.
    Dave & Holly

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    Default Re: Small Town - Playing in your backyard???

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris&Amelia View Post
    I remember a thread here where some ambitious reporter did a search on SLS for local swingers and made a big story about it (I'm too lazy to look it up myself).
    I got your back man.

    The thread.

    The news story.
    "Like Johnny and June"

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