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    Guest screaminggood's Avatar

    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    Yes, my kids think my alternative email address is my "shopping" address that attracts the spam from my regular address. I have to be careful as my eldest is at the age to want to explore the sex-net himself!

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    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    Am a lil lucky on the sexnet part as the school district we are in supply laptops to all students, so they are locked up as to whats allowable and get scanned every time they walk through the school door to insure propper use, locked so tight we can't even add a printer so the poor kid can print at home for the Alt addie, yep thats pretty much what we have going
    I don't speak or write proper english however, I do use fluent American Ease to its foremost!

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    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    We nearly always get contact information. Maybe how much information people get has a lot to do with the way they choose to play?

    If people usually play at parties or clubs, they might only exchange first names. We almost always meet people online, so before we meet we know their first names, cell number, and email address and/or profile. A profile can provide a lot of information (in the narrative and between the lines) and it lets you know how they want to be perceived. We pretty much always talk on the phone before we meet, too.

    What are your reasons for getting the information that you do get? Or for not getting anymore than you do?
    Our goal is to meet people we are attracted to, and have some hope of feeling chemistry together. What takes about two minutes to find out in a club is much more challenging to learn via the internet. A lot of the couples we meet live far away...

    Our style tends towards long-distance friends-with-benefits connections. We meet a lot of couples who are visiting the coast from other parts of California. Even though we might only see someone every few months, once we've made a connection we tend to see them again and again. The friendships center around weekend getaways and lots of play-time, but we choose people because we enjoy their company -and usually also go to dinner, walk at the beach, go dancing, etc.

    Sometimes we envy those of you who have a good club nearby, because of course food & dancing and socializing & flirting is part of the fun every time you go. It would be great to be able to suggest new-to-us couples meet us at a club. It would be easier to be very casual about who we meet. As it is, we feel like we need to be very selective, because it takes a lot of effort to get together. Because of that we usually exchange a lot of information before we meet.
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    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    Yes we usually try to get first names. We may not always remember them, but we do try. We will also ask if they are members of sls so we can find out what they are and are not into. We will also try to find this out during the first meet up or at the house party we are attending. Other than that, we don't ask too much about anything else.

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    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    It depends. Many -- perhaps most -- of our playmates are spontaneous pickups with no names, no intro, just sex. If the sex is good, we may exchange contact info, our "play" address (after we've said thanks, of course). Most folks we've played with on multiple occasions know our first names. A few have become friends and know a lot more about us.

    For folks we meet on line, though, we'd like to know a little more before we meet them. Since we can't judge their vibes as readily via email, we like to know where they heard about us, a little about what kind(s) of fun they're looking for, and when they're available to play. This lets us quickly rule out the pic collectors, folks who just want hot emails to masturbate to, and wanna-bes who aren't really going to meet us for fun. If email vibe is right, the flavors they're interested in are aligned with ours, and they're able to play when we are, we're good to go. Sometimes we know a name; sometimes not.

    So, we know this is backwards than what many couples here do. But it works well for us.

    S and L, Hot Raleigh Cpl

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    Default Re: How much info do you get before you play with someone?

    We meet mostly in vanilla settings and meet&greets. By the time we actually meet, we'll already have exchanged first names & cell phone numbers so that either of us can get in touch if something messes up the meeting.

    Beyond that, we like to have a friendly 'get-to-know-you' chat at first, just as if you were sitting down with somebody whose pants you didn't want to get into. We talk in general terms about family, where we live, hobbies, etc. We're just real people who are looking for real people to play with.

    Eventually, we'll discuss how long we've been "doing this" and maybe touch lightly on some of the things we enjoy in an intimate setting.

    That's about it.

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