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    • 10 Commandments of Swinging

      1. Thou Shalt Not Touch Without Permission. Don't assume that because someone is ok with others touching them that it's ok for you to touch them.
      2. No Means No (Always). If someone says no, it does not mean try again. If you say no to someone and they persist, report it to a staff member.
      3. Communicate Communicate Communicate! This is most important between you and your spouse, but also between you and those you may swing with.
      4. Be Honest. If you aren't comfortable, say so. Be honest with your partner about how you feel, and be honest with others. If you aren't interested, say so. Don't lead people on.
      5. Move at your own pace, not the pace of others. Don't allow others (including your spouse) to push you to move faster than you are comfortable.
      6. Be Discreet. No one needs to know who else you've been with. What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.
      7. Never Assume. Just because you played with someone in the past doesn't mean you are playing with them again tonight.
      8. Your relationship is the priority. Don't do anything to jeopardize it.
      9. Know Your Boundaries, and stick to them. Set rules together and abide by them.
      10. Have Fun! If you aren't having fun it's time to take a break.
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