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    • Swing Stories - First Person Tales of Sexual Adventure by Bridget and Jan Abrams

      Overall, I liked it a lot.

      The introduction is a little boring. It describes how the authors gathered information for the book and their theories about why swinging is popular today. It gives good information about the types of clubs operating in different areas of the US and Canada. I felt like there was a bit of a judgmental attitude toward play with single men in the beginning. They say something like if you go to a club on a singles night you should prepare yourself for raunchy scenes. I'm not really sure why multiple men with one woman is raunchy and multiple couples or fmf is cool. Honestly I'm not even sure what raunchy means! But to me it has a negative connotation. Otherwise the authors were pretty balanced and open.

      The first section describes the authors' introduction to a lifestyle club and their communication about entering the lifestyle. The club described sounds fabulous and possibly a bit embellished.

      The book continues with other positive and negative stories related to swinging. The positive stories seem to be a bit exaggerated (the main characters are the most gorgeous people on the planet, biggest cocks, blah, blah) but they are pretty hot and interesting. The negative stories are sad, frightening and sometimes fueled by stupidity. Most of the negatives resulted from dishonesty and lack of communication.

      There is a long story about a single guy. He does not seem to really grasp the idea of swinging and gets very attached to the first person he has swinging sex with. It's basically anonymous sex so he can't pursue a relationship with the wife. Later he meets a single girl in the lifestyle and starts a relationship with her. I'd like to see more stories from single guys. Especially ones who are not prone to love at first sight and truly interested in no strings fun.

      There are brief stories about how playmates made contact, met and played. It's an interesting cross section.

      There is a section about bisexuality, both male and female that I liked a lot.

      I think this book is an interesting and hot read for new and experienced swingers. It's nice that both sides are presented, although some of the negatives are really awful. It would definitely give a new couple a lot to talk about.

      I'd love to hear what other swinger's board members think of it!
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      1. divenaked's Avatar
        divenaked -
        I have read and recommended this book. Knowing that things can take a disastrous turn is something every newbie should be aware of. Knowedge is power.
      1. Jan Abrams's Avatar
        Jan Abrams -

        Thank you both for your kind words. Would love to see your reviews re-posted on the amazon site here --->


        "quote"--> "The club described sounds fabulous and possibly a bit embellished."

        We would have love to have given the true name of the club, it's exact location, etc. but thought we shouldn't for the fear of possible negative repercussions ... but I can assure you, if anything "the club described" was understated in our story. It truly was fabulous, but went quickly downhill after an infamous police raid. Get this ... once the police were inside the club, for the purpose of evidence they made people get back into their state of undress at the time of the raid ... AND in some cases made people get back into the various piles and tangles of arms and legs... and then took photographs.

        Just thought I'd mention.

        Thanks again,
        Merry Christmas

        by the way ... we're quite happy with the performance of our second, to date, but it has yet to see it's first review. Swing Stories - The Education Of A Slutwife - Part 1 The Primary Years eBook: Jan Abrams, Bridget Abrams: Kindle Store