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    Welcome to the Swingers Board - your free swingers community. Please join in and share your thoughts, ask any questions you have and share your experiences.

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    Am I becoming her cuckold?

    by: Linde

    My wife and I have enjoyed swinging for 10 years now, but lately, things seem to be changing. These changes are troubling to me. I think I'm gradually


    No swinging experience

    by: Anyta90

    Hello everyone
    Not sure where to start or how to start...
    My boyfriend mentioned the other day that he would love seeing me with another


    First swinging experience

    by: mattdocs12345

    So this is me and my gf second time at a swing club. The first time we went to Atlantic city role play, not much happened. We went again to a club in


    Skipping the good stuff.

    by: Glida

    "No matter how long you think forplay should be...Triple it" Sheldon Cooper

    We use this line a lot infact it's quoted on our site


    Second class sex with condoms

    by: Hedonia

    We love sex, swinging and feeling our sexual partners bareback including creampies and sloppy seconds. "Working" with condoms and try to enjoy


    Parties in the Birmingham, AL or Huntsville, AL area? Will be at Menages on V-Day

    by: DippingToes

    We visit Menages in Nashville a few times a year, and would be interested in finding a group in Huntsville, AL or Birmingham, AL to party with. Maybe


    Eva: The highest funded adult product in online crowdfunding history

    by: two4youinswva

    An MIT Engineerís New Sex Toy Intends to Close the 'Pleasure Gap' for Women

    Thereís a major disparity lurking in the bedroom. Need proof?

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    Sex Club Threesome

    My wife, Lynn, and I were planning on meeting Mark & Karen at the swingers club in a town a few miles from our home.... read more
    Linde 12-24-2014, 07:00 AM
    Tags: threesome  wife  sex club 

    Fuckin' in tents

    My wife, Linda, and I have been swinging for a few years, but until recently she has not wanted to meet with another guy... read more
    Linde 12-24-2014, 06:44 AM
    Tags: playing solo 

    Our first mfm - unsuspecting encounter

    This is a true mfm encounter from about 10 years ago involving myself, my wife and another man. I haven't ever discussed... read more
    bullboxer99 12-24-2014, 12:41 AM

    A Christian Hotwife Adventure...

    Iíve been in the lifestyle for a few years now and have had my fair share of adventures with single women and couples but... read more
    Humblekinky81 12-04-2014, 01:32 PM
    Tags: hotwife  playing solo 

    Co-worker fun

    I'm a good looking guy, I won't play that down. I'm 6' 1", my dad is black, my mom is Puerto Rican. I played football... read more
    Swinging_Bull 12-01-2014, 01:46 PM
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    What real swingers are saying about The Swingers Board ...

    The SwingersBoard has been invaluable over the last few weeks, and especially this week, as we move further into our exploration of the LS. The knowledge we glean from here helps us feel more empowered and comfortable with the decisions we are making. Thank you so much for your time and dedication. - MimiGirl


    I love the members. Honestly, most other forums that I have joined just don't compare. The friendliness, openness, and genuine caring on Swingersboard is incredibly unique. I rarely struggle to remain interested, my problem is trying to stay away once in a while to focus on other things!-KM34


    In 2004, we were still fairly new to swinging. We had all the ad sites and clubs figured out. What I wanted was a place to talk about the great experience that we had found swinging to be. Fortunately we found The Swingers Board. Smart, interesting, and witty people that had experienced the same things we had were talking about swinging in an entertaining and educational way. Nine years later, the mission is the same, the members are still great, and we're still learning something new every week. There's a sense of satisfaction in paying it forward and helping people that are new to swinging navigate the journey.-Two4youinswva


    I have been reading the Swingers Board News for some time now and I want to say that it is a really great publication. Very supportive of the the lifestyle in an honest and open way, recognizing joy and excitement and the pitfalls and problems that can arise. I commend you. - Howard


    We've only been on this site for a few days but we absolutely love it. We love reading all the questions and comments. Real honesty. Thanks for the responses to our quest/comments. - Pdogg


    Great site for knowing all about swinging. In fact I'm not yet a swinger but have been able to give tips to others based on all that I have read here and discussed on swinger chat with other great people on [the Swingers Board]. I would love to watch others having fun, I don't know how you can add that, but that will be great fun. Thats one way I would love to initiate my wife into swinging. - Kyee


    I like everything about this site, especially the different views from different yet like minded people. I like to read and there is plenty of that here for me. we get alot of stuff here that makes good conversation between and I. When we started swinging, this site and the people here helped us in so many ways to get us to think,talk and listen. - Fun4Ds


    I appreciate the variety of swinging and non-swinging topics addressed on the board. But what I appreciate most is the civility and the sense of humor I encounter here. I've participated in or just eye-balled a number of other boards (mostly sports and news) and I am dismayed at how quickly "discussions" degenerate into insult-fests. I know there are occasionally some hurtful remarks and a little bit of name-calling here, but to me it is remarkably rare. - Thrax