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    Default emoticons

    Would it be possible to add more Smilies to the current options? There are a zillion out there and I just thought it would be amusing to be able to use the newer and funnier ones that I have seen. I will even volunteer to find a free download site and choose a bunch so that you guys don't have to deal with it. Aren't I generous?
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    Default Re: emoticons

    Feel free to post some that you think should be added. Before you do please make sure to take a look at the full list (There are many more already here than just the 20 that show up when you are posting).

    Full list:

    If you (any of you) have suggestions on smilies you think would be good additions here please post them and if it looks like they'd be something that will get used enough to make it worth the bandwidth then we may add it.

    Most of the smilie sites will let you hotlink from their site (and even give you the code to do it) so you can always use smilies you find elsewhere that we don't have in our list here.
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