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Thread: My wife is Bi, who would have known!

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    Default Re: My wife is Bi, who would have known!

    My wife is shy about it but a lot of the same things turn her on. Since it seems like you have a little experience with this; could you have a talk with her in hopes to help us achieve this also.

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    Cool Re: My wife is Bi, who would have known!

    Quote Originally Posted by WildFire View Post
    We are both somewhat new to swinging, we have been married almost 16 years, we don't have a lot of experiences yet and so far we have only soft swapped with a few other couples, but in addition to swapping spouses, I always had the fantasy of seeing my beautiful wife locking lips with another beautiful woman and maybe even making love together, what man doesn't dream of that!!!
    When ever I brought up that possibility with her, she would say gross, no way, not me, not in a million years, etc... Not any more!!! In the past several weeks she has had some really great experiences with another woman that we met on the dance floor at our local on-premise club. It all started with some dancing, then a little touching, and some playfull kisses and finally full on making out.
    She loved it, and she isn't just doing it to please me which is what I originally thought. I asked her what changed her mind? She said she was in a moment and it just felt right. I am so happy for her, and I don't mind either...I even got in on the action with a threeway kiss in the middle of the two of them which was so nice...

    I have to say as much as I hoped this would happen someday, I never thought she would really do it. I still can't believe it!!! She said never had feelings for women before we started swinging, and now we can talk openly about it to a degree... She is ready to explore some more at this point. Is this the way most of the other bi-curious, bi-sexual swinging women got started?

    Mr. Wildfire
    Lucky you...

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