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  1. Swinging in the News - The Van Dam Case
  2. Swinging on 6 Feet Under
  3. "Sex with Strangers" swinger documentary
  4. Montel swinging show
  5. The Lifestyle - book discussion (sorta)
  6. Be Slutty, Live Longer!
  7. Is swinging deadly?
  8. Bon Jovi Swinger FLICK gets the go ahead
  9. Good News/Bad News For Swingers In Quebec & Canada
  10. Group Sex - the New meaning of "teamwork"
  11. VH1 Secret Life of Swingers
  12. Swinging featured on network TV: The Casino
  13. Swinger Movies
  14. Anyone see the part about Threesomes on Dr. Phil?
  15. 20/20 Special on Swinging
  16. Swingers on Oprah.
  17. Swinger Movies
  18. Dr. Phil and swingers - Feb. 14 show
  19. Dr. Phil's Swingers Poll
  20. Dr Phil's Rebuttal show on swingers
  21. Where do you find good adult movies?
  22. advertising that resembles swinging
  23. Relationship "Professionals"...HAH!
  24. female friendly porn
  25. New "comedy" about swingers
  26. Canada Supreme Court Ruling on Swingers Clubs
  27. Swingers Party at Hotel Angers Parents
  28. Who has seen David Schisgall's documentary film?
  29. L.O.V.E. PARTY in Vegas RAIDED by County!
  30. Swingers on TV [Secret Lives of Women on WE]coming up...
  31. Swingers on ABC News Primetime Tonight
  32. Swinging in the news...
  33. Swingers interviewed - things they say!
  34. Study: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun
  35. Oct. 4 - Dr. Phil's gonna be talkin' about swinging
  36. Swinger Movies - R There any Serious Ones?
  37. Friends being outed and in the National Papers (UK)
  38. The Secret Lives of Women on WE Network
  39. Playing with Fire at a Seattle Sex Club
  40. Dr. Phil swinger episode is on today (January 25, 2008)
  41. Religous Leaders up in Arms - NC
  42. AFF in the News - Sex and money key to Entwistle murder case
  43. Swinger Party Host Pleads Guilty......
  44. Officials trying to find something wrong with club
  45. Are we wired to cheat on our mates?
  46. "Mario Key Party"
  47. You have to wonder about the research.....
  48. UK: Fears over village swingers' club
  49. For Sale in Schenectady
  50. Another week....
  51. Shortest News Story Ever..........
  52. Dallas Swinger Club Raided - twice in a week
  53. Swinging on CSI (rerun)
  54. Sex: The Revolution on VH1
  55. Local News Team Gets Camera into party
  56. Now here's something different!
  57. Shutting down our club amigos?
  58. Open Relationships Demystified in the SF Chronicle
  59. Polyamory the New Swing?
  60. Orlando area swinger club faces fines
  61. Indian Swingers coming out of the closet
  62. Bad Information on an NBC Show
  63. Swinging an Issue in Christie Brinkley divorce
  64. Swinging and Nudism Interests Collide
  65. Swing clubs leave Toronto Council hot & bothered
  66. A little advice on the legality of swinging
  67. The Lifestyle Colides in Vegas
  68. "A swinging way to keep the tourists coming"
  69. The Swinging Set...
  70. Today Show - Suburban Swingers
  71. Good News for Broward County swinger clubs
  72. Dave Barry takes a trip to a swinger convention
  73. Itallians Love to Swap
  74. A commercial this crowd can appreciate!
  75. Playboy September 2008 -- Swinging
  76. Pleasure Palace in Tampa get ordinance hearing
  77. Swinging: A Beginners Guide
  78. Is it a church or a swing club?
  79. It's easier to legally open a swing club in Australia..
  80. From across the pond....
  81. Columbus Ohio figures out what SB members already knew
  82. Book review for "America Swings"
  83. UK Club appeals permit denial
  84. The Lifestyle - The world or couples who swing
  85. It's a UK swingers club!
  86. The Swingers are Coming! (Spartanburg, SC)
  87. School Teacher Outed, Resigns Position (NZ)
  88. The Cuckold - the movie
  89. Egyptian couple arrested for swinging
  90. Swinging in Sweden
  91. Party in Orange County, CA draws authorities' attention
  92. The Vicar is a Swinger...
  93. Nudist Resort to Bring Back the Swingers
  94. Is Lindsay Lohan a Swinger Wannabe?
  95. Well, the government did tell him to diversify...
  96. Suncoast News (Tampa) confuses swinging with cheating
  97. Interesting Book Review (UK)
  98. Sex Clubs & Swingers in El Paso
  99. Saskatoon's Swinging City
  100. Pittsburgh TV Station Investigates Local Swinging Scene
  101. Evolution of a Sex Party
  102. Club Owners Arrested in Windsor Locks, CT
  103. The Over-used "we met this great couple and they turned out to be swingers" plotline
  104. So, who do you think it is????
  105. Swingers' Party Protested (Amarillo, TX)
  106. Couples heading to strip clubs
  107. Barbie Doll creator a swinger?
  108. Swinging takes hold in Romania
  109. Story about a swinger
  110. When in Rome.... Swingers in Vegas do what Swingers in Vegas do
  111. Swinger Parties Held Next to School (Australia)
  112. Chilean swingers use Facebook to meet each other
  113. New club in Edmonton opposed
  114. Swinging in Nova Scotia
  115. Swinging in England? The Sun is there
  116. Pasco County trying to shut down Club Elite
  117. Man Kills wife after she calls out the wrong name in bed
  118. If you can't handle....
  119. Age and Identity Records Requirement Upheld
  120. Story about Brooklyn club in NY Times
  121. Article about the owner of Toronto swing club
  122. Swinger Riot in australia?
  123. Man fined for posting pics of his ex on a swinger site
  124. Swinger Bars in the Canary Islands?
  125. Gay Bathhouse goes Co-Ed (Canada)
  126. Swinging article from Mexico
  127. Swing group expands to Scotland
  128. Kid finds out her parents swing (advice)
  129. Swingers' club opening in Portland, OR makes the news
  130. Club opening in Portugal makes the news
  131. Mens' traditional bathhouse during the week, couples' playhouse on weekends
  132. Club SinDay vs Club 2830 Teen? (Ohio)
  133. This is why we don't allow phone numbers to be posted here
  134. Czech club takes it to a different level
  135. Time Magazine article from 1978
  136. Swinging on the decline?
  137. Swinging in Charlotte, NC
  138. Hotels in Argentina seek to change accomodation laws
  139. Comparing and contrasting the swinging and BDSM scenes
  140. He waited 5 Days to explain his no show!?
  141. Casbar receives temporary injunction (NYC)
  142. This is why swinging celebs have to hide their activities
  143. Gang Bangs? On my beach? It's more likely than you think!
  144. Carnival Cruise with only swingers
  145. Chilean publication explores swinging
  146. Croatia gets in on the swinging culture
  147. Man on trial for infecting others with HIV accused of visiting swinger club
  148. Club keeps business license, for now
  149. UK club fights against shutdown notice
  150. Halle Berry a swinger?
  151. "I'm a swinging soccer mom"
  152. Poker Pro gets Swinger Proposition
  153. Village Voice article from 1977
  154. Progression of a Swinger's "Date"
  155. Fire breaks out at swinger's club. Everyone escaped, but some members exposed.
  156. Swinger Team Sports
  157. Reporter wins award for swinging coverage
  158. Canada's progressive attitude towards sex
  159. A swinger couple goes to a (not so) vanilla party
  160. Open relationships explored
  161. Swinging to spice up your love life
  162. "Advice" for the ladies
  163. Another article on swinging
  164. "Eyes Wide Shut" type party ruffles feathers
  165. Pregnant journalist goes to a swingers' club
  166. Successful swinging date tips
  167. Swingfest gets some news coverage
  168. Gainesville Club Busted
  169. Baseball's craziest trade
  170. Club attempts to open in Springfield, OR
  171. Man accused of using hedge fund money to facilitate lifestyle
  172. Quiet Dates may be hiding something
  173. Pub becomes swingers' club, locals not happy (UK)
  174. Doctors Advice on Swinging
  175. Group plans to convert historic hotel into swingers' club (UK)
  176. SLS goes mobile
  177. They are Swingers You know...
  178. First Time Swinging
  179. "Wife Swapping", Sexology magazine, Jan 1959
  180. Swinger Clubs in NY
  181. When you can't open a swing club, what's the next best way to make money?
  182. Paul/ Katherine most likely swinger names....
  183. Is Swinging putting British Security at Risk?
  184. Wall Street Journal Article About Meeting Couples...
  185. Another misuse of the word "swingers"
  186. Online Swinger/Dating Site admits to creating fake profiles
  187. First time to a Convention?
  188. Teacher fired after downloading porn and swinger sites on his school laptop.
  189. Article details the origins of swinging
  190. Swinging Dr Accused of sex with patients
  191. Brad & Angelina Swingers?
  192. Another one Bites the Dust
  193. W VA Club Targeted by Officials
  194. Swinger/ Nudist Resort up for Sale
  195. Swingers on The Daily Show!!
  196. AdultFriendFinder going public
  197. Nudists say that swinger resort is ruining their image
  198. Hotel Under Fire for Hosting Swinger Convention
  199. UK Hotel invites all to see before judging
  200. Swinger Link in Millionaire's Death (Australia)
  201. Zoning issue with house party
  202. Bad reasons to start swinging ? ?
  203. Sexual Harrassment goes to new heights
  204. "Meet the swingers" article in Self Magazine
  205. Stabbing at Swinger Club
  206. Another "reporter visits a swing club" story
  207. Charlie Sheen & Wife swingers?!
  208. Standard Hotel Rejects Swinger Party
  209. Swingers In China being charged over Group Sex Parties
  210. Man sentanced after beating partner at swinger party
  211. New Brunswick Swingers...
  212. Las Vegas Club Owner Sues Clark County
  213. Rumors of Swinging at an IN Nudist Resort
  214. Manhattan Swingers Club wants Snooki
  215. Swinging Art
  216. OH Swinger Clubs under Investigation
  217. Sting sells in Central Park Swinger Pad
  218. Larry King a Swinger (according to ex-wife)
  219. Craziness ensues as swingers go on trial for drugs...
  220. New book by Melinda Ferguson features swinging
  221. Did Newlywed Murder His Wife Over Swinging?
  222. Sea Mountain Inn Under Attack - Show Your Support!
  223. Swingers' Clubs in Malaysia
  224. Dental tech lodges conduct complaint against dentist (UK)
  225. Swinging: The Secret to a Long & Happy Marriage
  226. Swinger Club Looks to Open
  227. Swinger Groom Freaks Out Attacks Dad with Axe
  228. Thai Swinger Party Raided
  229. 5 Signs Your Parents Might Be Swingers
  230. Boyfriend of club owner dies in fight
  231. A Psychologist talks about swinging
  232. Author releases new fiction, "Monogamy Sucks"
  233. Study shows swingers have higher STD rate than prostitutes
  234. Restaurant Under Investigation For Hosting Swinger Parties (NJ)
  235. Swinger Ad Sites, Local TV Reporters, and Restraining Orders, Oh My!
  236. Man Kidnaps / Rapes Girlfriend after Night at Swinger Club
  237. And you thought Wimbledon was just about grass court tennis....
  238. Naturist district is also swinger friendly (France)
  239. Owner of Croatian swingers club arrested for prostitution
  240. Ad site slammed for creating fake profiles (Australia)
  241. Article and video about The Ansonia (Plato's Retreat)
  242. Nudist Beach Going to the Swingers
  243. Shooting Outside St Louis Swingers Club
  244. Vegas Red Rooster wins in court! (again)
  245. Guilty plea in love triangle murder
  246. Strippers go to Church!
  247. Club Owner may take city council to Court (UK)
  248. Mom cleared of assault on Swinger Party Goer
  249. News article on a Toronto sex club
  250. Air Force Sgt accused of spreading HIV while swinging