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  1. After-Effects of First Time Swinging
  2. What emotions did you have after your first swing experience?
  3. How did you feel at The moment of truth.
  4. Normal to freak after the first time?
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  6. Husbands Mixed feelings after MFM
  7. Dealing with feelings
  8. Guy's feelings after the 1st encounter...
  9. Guidelines for the "Morning After"
  10. Help with Husband's Conflict
  11. Interested but worried about what happens after the first time
  12. The morning after - is it awkward?
  13. Sex after swinging ?
  14. We tried it now I'm having second thoughts
  15. Whats after great sex protocol?
  16. First time last night, now husband is angry and won't talk
  17. How will we feel after we swing?
  18. What Happens After the MFM
  19. Confused about strange feeling....
  20. Right After - What's the protocol? - when do you switch back to your own partner?
  21. How did you feel emotionally after your 1st time?
  22. Changes in Relationship after swinging
  23. The Ride Home
  24. After Your First Experience - What did you learn?
  25. Do you ever have regrets about something???
  26. What do you do after
  27. MMF threesome went well but.....
  28. Buyer's Remorse
  29. The Morning After High???
  30. An absolutely amazing evening, but feeling confused - advice needed
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  33. Keeping Feelings Separate