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  1. How do you politely say "Not interested."
  2. How Do You Tell Them? Incompatible Sexual Styles
  3. They want a reason why we passed on their profile
  4. When you're not interested...
  5. Politely declining
  6. How can you tell if they want to back out?
  7. Problems after we declined based on a picture exchange
  8. Does not saying "NO" imply a "YES"?
  9. How to say good-bye?
  10. What do you do with playmates you don't want to play with anymore?
  11. The good and the bad in swinging and how to end it when needed
  12. What do you say?
  13. We don't want to swing with this couple anymore
  14. Avoiding hurt feelings
  15. Situation gone bad???
  16. How to say we are only interested in the wife...
  17. What is the best way to say no?
  18. Attraction or no attraction?
  19. When talk first, then Pics = no attraction
  20. Only interested as friends
  21. Best Way to Say Not Interested Without Hurting Feelings
  22. How to tell others you're not interested in a nice way
  23. We like the couple but the wife is too clingy
  24. I broke communications with a couple...they want a "specific" reason
  25. New Twist to an Old Issue (Incompatibility)
  26. How to say no, without hurting their feelings?
  27. When They're Not Ready
  28. How to Uninvite a couple
  29. Not Interested Sexually, only Friends!!
  30. DON'T you smell it??? YUCK.........
  31. Dealing with Rejection
  32. Rejecting someone else
  33. Why are you so rude to people on your profile?
  34. Are we really full of it........?
  35. Not interested but don't want to burn bridges
  36. How to answer with a polite "no" to mail in swinger sites?
  37. Not even receiving a "Thanks, but no thanks" Email
  38. The real reason the other couple doesn't want to play again
  39. How to get out of a bad play situation?
  40. How do you "gently reject" someone?
  41. How would you all have handled this bad experience?
  42. How do I tell them I don't want to play again? - Help
  43. Turning down someone?
  44. Unwanted Bonding
  45. How do I handle this? (Telling a friend there is no chemistry)
  46. Rejecting ugly people
  47. Time for silence or honesty?
  48. First club experience
  49. Interested in the wife, but not the husband
  50. We said yes, now she says no
  51. Politely saying No
  52. is it possible to be shaken after years of being comfortable?
  53. What's the etiquette in this situation?
  54. Do we owe them an explanation?
  55. Repeat request to meet
  56. how do you say no, when you've already said NO?
  57. I chickened out & now I'm second guessing myself
  58. miscommunication
  59. Meet up and then it doesn't click...
  60. Possible Drama with couple
  61. Jello shot conundrum! When to say yes or no?
  62. Help with thinking clear and saying "no" when in the moment
  63. Can you break off play with a couple and stay friends?