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  1. What do you tell others about where you are when swinging?
  2. What's Your Advice for Beginners?
  3. Common Newbie Swinger Mistakes
  4. Newbies: Who would you rather play with?
  5. Any Men Whose Wives Refuse to Even Consider Swinging?
  6. Regret, it works both ways
  7. Advice from WOMEN. How did he get you into swinging?
  8. How did you tell your partner you want to see her sleep with other men?
  9. can I pick your brain for a minute?
  10. Size..Do you approach it.
  11. Trying to convince wife into swinging for 10 years
  12. New and thinking about it.
  13. Good First Step?
  14. Would u decline to play with a cheat?
  15. Curious but a bit nervous
  16. overcoming childhood boundries?
  17. Should we go for it?
  18. Womens point of view MFMs??
  19. What should we expect on our first visit to a "lifestyle" club?
  20. Question for the newbies or people that havent swung yet
  21. Talking to My Asian Wife About Swinging
  22. Learning about me
  23. Advice needed... Considering Asking Roomate for Threesome
  24. How do I make her admit she wants 2 cocks
  25. confused
  26. Why the thrill of MFM for the men?
  27. Advice on how to bring up and talk about swinging
  28. Question about separating sex from love
  29. I got my wife to go to swingers club what NEXT?
  30. How long do you expect sex to last?
  31. Going to San Francisco on Friday to Friday. How do we find someone?
  32. wife is afraid of guilt if we swing
  33. Haven't really started and already getting harassed
  34. Newbies Invited to a Hotel Take-Over
  35. Are there events/clubs/places that have training wheels attached?
  36. Critique our (wife and I) rationale for looking into swinging.
  37. Hello new to swinging need some advice..
  38. Recommendations on good porn movie titles to buy/watch with fiance?
  39. Are we going at this right? Opinions Please!
  40. Confidentiality issues
  41. How to ask my wife if she would be interested in spicing things up a bit
  42. Sex with SO after Swinging/Aftermath of play
  43. Do couples ever swing for a while and then stop?
  44. Wife is sending mixed signals
  45. Wife Interested in Mfm?
  46. First time threesome
  47. How to pick up a girl for a threesome?
  48. Question about our friends
  49. newbies with questions on finding a female for threesome
  50. New and Wondering how these sorts of things typically work
  51. New & Curious
  52. observations of potential newbies
  53. Finding a potential male for our first MFM...
  54. What is D and W?
  55. Looking for guidance...
  56. Confused?
  57. curious
  58. Girlfriend Brought Up Swinging
  59. New, Being careful. How to know you're on track for relationship success or pitfalls?
  60. Unlikely Swingers from Miami
  61. Action for the less than perfect folk
  62. Soft swap first timers
  63. where should the first threesome be?
  64. Told wife I would be interested in swinging : Reaction not good. LOL.
  65. Dangers of swinging.
  66. I want to buy my wife lapdances from male a male stripper. Suggestions?
  67. Searching for the elusive single bi-girl
  68. So, you walk into a club
  69. How to change her mind?
  70. Wife Wants Girl/Girl Only
  71. What to say to a potential couple while at a swing club?
  72. Is just FMF ok?
  73. Are There Any Mormon or Christian Swingers Out There?
  74. *Unlurk* Question, am I wrong to think the way I do?
  75. Anal
  76. In your experience, are people at clubs respectful of "baby steps"?
  77. Primer on Swinging for Two Young Couples
  78. /wave
  79. I can't believe he asked ...
  80. She wants a threesome, I don't.
  81. More Newb Questions
  82. Curious about swinging. How do you set limits with other people?
  83. Hello everyone We are New to the Lifestyle!!!
  84. Interested
  85. First time tips
  86. First Time coming soon question about safety
  87. Newbies Need Some Guidance
  88. Womans view, unsure?
  89. MFM and FMF For Guys
  90. Strip club for Bisexual urges?
  91. We want to have fun, but need some advice
  92. Must Haves for a Night at a Club
  93. Am I in the right place? - new couple interested in only watching others
  94. Hubby not satisfied
  95. Another question - Same room?
  96. who initiates?
  97. he he another question... well 2 actually!
  98. Hey were a new couple interested in swinging!
  99. Is 60 too old for swinging?????
  100. Want to make bf happy
  101. Curious about who swings?
  102. clubs and exhibition...need some feedback
  103. Needs help out of a conservative safety box
  104. i want to want this
  105. The Best and the Worst - Any Regrets?
  106. The Morning After...
  107. New and Tentative
  108. rules, boundaries, to do and not do?
  109. Conversation Starters
  110. Getting Started
  111. how do i tell my husband??
  112. A safe way to see if your partner is interested
  113. Greetings Everyone - Interested in a Bukakke
  114. I'm new here and need help
  115. Interested in Inviting friend to join us
  116. Obsessed to see my wife fucked by man or men
  117. Percentage of mature men and women shaved out there in the real world.....
  118. New and a little nervous...help!
  119. Do you keep your "swinging" friends separate from your "social" friends?
  120. The dynamics of friends and sexual partners
  121. Club concerns
  122. Getting Started in Florida
  123. Is sharing your wife with another a way to validate that they are attractive?
  124. New but wants to jump in
  125. NY girl trying to convince my husband!
  126. Concerns about STD/Pregnancy
  127. Emily Post type questions
  128. What to talk about
  129. Just curious at this point...
  130. Best way & time to bring up subject (MFM) to partner/wife?
  131. Hi guys! I'd like some help with an identity issue with swinging..
  132. Phone question
  133. Considering a house party - many questions
  134. How to get a good look
  135. Hey! Need advice about husband's jealousy
  136. Question from a newbie M Male
  137. When Boundaries are broken....What's the fallout
  138. First time swinging. Nervous as hell
  139. Young couple, wife unsure
  140. How to get started
  141. Best environment for newbies?
  142. questions about the right lingo to describe what we want
  143. Need Advice - Planning our very first encounter
  144. How to overcome?
  145. Swinging Safety
  146. Never had a threesome Need pointers
  147. Only can orgasm by oral
  148. Totally aroused but completely confused
  149. Input Needed for wife
  150. Minnesota Newbies need help getting started
  151. New couple in Indianapolis - How to Start
  152. Making Progress-- Keeping Up With The Slow And Non-Rushed Approach
  153. Taking the plunge
  154. I think maybe I need to re-think
  155. Best Place to Start?
  156. Curious at 60
  157. Non-Drinkers With A Straight Female-- Pariahs??
  158. when do you know you are ready
  159. Have serious quesitions about maintaining intimacy with husband
  160. May Meet A Couple!
  161. Was super excited but now sitting on the fence.
  162. Question about swinging & emotions
  163. How much complimenting is too much?
  164. Is it a bad idea not to have many rules or guidelines going into this ?
  165. Any tips for a shy newbie?
  166. Me and my fiancee are excited to try swinging... but we live far apart!
  167. Just getting started
  168. How Do I discreetly identify myself to a swinger, and recognize others who swing?
  169. Looking for advice about the wife playing with other men
  170. Creating a sexually charged atmosphere.
  171. Advice from the women on being with other men
  172. Are Couples that only play with themselves not welcome at swing clubs/resorts?
  173. My wife says "Yes", then says "No" to playing with friend
  174. Unsure How Couples Match Up
  175. Wanting to share my wife with another man
  176. We play it out but aren't sure
  177. Really young couple discussing mfm
  178. Wife wants a threesome with another woman
  179. Erotic movie suggestion needed.
  180. Newbie after some advice on getting started
  181. Both surprised at each other considering swinging
  182. How do you meet people without hooking up with strangers?
  183. How do I bring up swinging to the wife???
  184. MMF for lovely wife-suggestions
  185. Question on wife fucking another guy and jealousy.
  186. What is my husband trying to tell me!! Please anyone give me some advice.
  187. Best Way to Find a Couple Without Being Douchebags About It?
  188. How do you indicate to another couple you're interested?
  189. Jealousy from previous relationships
  190. Age/Stage in Relationship?
  191. Thoughts on "one-sided" swinging and affects on a marriage?
  192. Is Real Life Swinging Like Porn?
  193. Seeing her with another man?
  194. Girlfriend and I want to try swinging. Advice?
  195. How Does it start ?
  196. Advice for the new guy :)
  197. my wife watches porn ??
  198. A New Journey of Discovery for our marriage.
  199. Looking for a threesome - are swinger's clubs the place to look?
  200. Ever had a surprise go good or bad?
  201. Newbies in hell - Please send ice-cubes
  202. Swinging and The Self: Body Image and (In)security
  203. When Have Things Gone Too Far?
  204. New to this and have so many questions.
  205. How long does playtime normally last?
  206. Mature Couple Swingers
  207. Can't take my mind off
  208. Catch and Release
  209. Just Starting As A Married Couple
  210. Some advice please from the more experienced
  211. Hoping its an indication of wanting to swing
  212. So...my wife told me that she wants to have sex with a woman (But...)
  213. Hubby lost interest in swinging and I'm sad
  214. Need advice about open relationship vs. swinging
  215. difficult getting a read on my girlfriend about having a threesome
  216. How to approach?
  217. Therapists and Psychologists
  218. Talking wife into a gangbang
  219. A year later and still talking.
  220. Stop start stop road to swinging
  221. She asked an interesting question...
  222. Nervous about New Horizons
  223. Looking for some help...
  224. Moving at our own pace...but moving nonetheless.
  225. Second guessing myself
  226. Is this the start of swing lifestyle?
  227. Finding a gf/wife who is a swinger
  228. Gf is horny but not quite into swing
  229. newbie stupid question: How do you find a couple?
  230. What happens after you bring up swinging and get a "no"?
  231. Is this ok in swinging community
  232. Possible newbie looking for insight
  233. Mixed signals
  234. I'll jump right in....
  235. Saying Hi, and How to proceed from here with swinging?
  236. Surgical Enhancements and Other Stuff
  237. What got her to go from Hell No to Yeah may be...
  238. Body Image issues stopping us in our tracks
  239. First club event next week for my wife and I...
  240. How to find a photographer?
  241. Girlfriend starts fantasizing swinging....
  242. Swinging in CT?
  243. What is average?
  244. Only want to watch BUT...
  245. Newbies looking to play but wife nervous of day after.....
  246. Bisexual Women
  247. Going along with husband's desire to swing, but unsure
  248. Trusting Others When Going Out To Swing Events
  249. Inexperienced Couple going to London
  250. Psychology behind swinging