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  1. Great Moments in TV Swinging History
  2. How Old is Everyone and how long have you been swinging?
  3. What are your rules?
  4. Who does the work when it comes to swinging?
  5. Swinging is....
  6. Have you gotten what you wanted?
  7. If I weren't a swinging wife
  8. Who's More Picky About who you swing with?
  9. Vanilla clubs have lost their luster
  10. How likely are newbies to be successful at swinging?
  11. What is the monetary cost of swinging for you?
  12. Annoying habits you can't overlook
  13. Swinger Speed Dating
  14. OOps, I forgot my......
  15. Your weirdest reason for saying "no"
  16. How long between when you started talking about it to actually swinging
  17. Transition Lines
  18. age difference with swinging partners
  19. The fallback position.
  20. Lucky Women
  21. Most Erotic Sex Movie Scenes
  22. Ok for husbands to masturbate while watching wives?
  23. I'll Never... Or...I'll Never Do that Again!
  24. Lifestyle Quirks
  25. Do you hoard your digits?
  26. a gaggle of swingers
  27. Women who love to watch?
  28. The Top WRONG Reasons to Swing
  29. I won't play with you because you play with.....
  30. would you Enjoy it as much?
  31. Then She opened her mouth...
  32. First time, worth repeating?
  33. why don't we have a symbol for SWINGER
  34. Are you a Swinger?
  35. Are you GOOD at dirty talkin?
  36. Name That Swinger!
  37. So What are your turns on's and turn off's ?
  38. get a clue
  39. Signs that your partner MIGHT be open to swinging
  40. If you knew what you know now about swinging...
  41. Are you living vicariously?
  42. Music to play by....
  43. Are we the Monday Morning Quarterbacks of Swinging?
  44. Why I'm going to Swinger Hell
  45. Seperate Room Only - Why?
  46. Sheltering Newbies from the Negative....
  47. Do you look for positives or negatives when narrowing your playing field?
  48. Casualties of Swinging or Things you've left behind
  49. rebounding when the night loses its momentum
  50. Curiosity Killed the Cat!
  51. Unexpected benefits or detrements from being in the lifestyle?
  52. Top 10 Stupid Things to Do in Swinging
  53. What expectations did you have before swinging that were different after?
  54. Playing With Cameras Present
  55. How did you feel after your first gangbang?
  56. How many swingers attend Sci-Fi/comic Cons
  57. Burn out or fade away... How did you exit the Lifestyle ?
  58. What's in your fun bag?
  59. Swinger Podcasts
  60. Discovered that honesty is not always the best policy...
  61. Who have you told?
  62. Understanding soft swap
  63. Contact before M&G then not remembering the email?
  64. Unicorn's Perspective
  65. Do you keep your glasses on...?
  66. Why swingers are such great people
  67. What is the best part?
  68. You and your.... sister?
  69. What was your nicest compliment from a playmate?
  70. What defines a committed couple
  71. Why do you think "reclaiming sex" is so good/hot?
  72. Are you a frequent swinger (weekly or more) ?
  73. First Meets and Kissing
  74. When to leave after a hookup at a hosts?
  75. Any good novels that involve Swinging?
  76. How did you learn about the lifestyle?
  77. What's the score anyway?
  78. What signals do we give off?
  79. If you could change one thing about the way you swing...
  80. Terms that now sound funny
  81. Trust Issues or Trust to a point
  82. Whoa moment!?
  83. Friends among swingers, swingers among friends
  84. Ladies in the lifestyle wearing rings on different fingers, what does it mean???
  85. This is it
  86. Smokers vs Non-Smokers
  87. Swinger psychology 101, what men want vrs what women want.
  88. Turning Vanilla's to the dark side
  89. Not "clicking"
  90. How much has porn affected your swinging?
  91. Big Cock & Hubby Watching
  92. If your SO decides to quit the lifestyle, would you be willing to quit too.
  93. Mentally challenged? a few questions...
  94. Romantic swinging?
  95. Thinking back to your first few experiences
  96. Taking one for the team? Really?
  97. Have you ever felt that you take two steps forward...
  98. Low swinger self esteem, high vanilla self esteem...
  99. Swinging with the Finkels (Film)
  100. Naked by 9PM
  101. Interesting article
  102. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt
  103. What do you say when asked how you met your swinging friends?
  104. Tired of the Sex Addict Stereotype?
  105. $Cost$ of Swinging
  106. Are you "out" to your families?
  107. Preferences: One Time vs LTR
  108. Easier to find: Well Hung or Unicorn?
  109. Men into swinging typically larger?
  110. How has your sex life as a couple changed?
  111. How Facebook changed some "Definitelys" into "No ways"
  112. Girls Uncorked
  113. How Important Is Kissing To You?
  114. Words you get tired of hearing in the lifestyle
  115. Playboy TV's Swing?
  116. Let's all create a sexy story...
  117. It's not a party until the police arrive
  118. Swinging Geezers with Motor Homes
  119. Fun, but not as enjoyable?
  120. Men - Did the LS prompt you to get a Vasectomy?
  121. What's your preference when looking for people to swing with?
  122. Who Would You Love to Run Into?
  123. Fishbowl and keys -classic 70s swinger question
  124. Watching train wrecks in real life
  125. What has been the greatest benefit of swinging to you?
  126. Interested In One Half of a Couple
  127. Can you LEARN to separate sex and love?
  128. Naive Questions Always Welcome
  129. Swinging Personal Assistant
  130. Crazy questions, I know...but I had to ask
  131. How old were you when you started swinging?
  132. Where were you the first time you swapped?
  133. What's your age range?
  134. Campground fun
  135. The Oppposite of Jealousy is Encouragement
  136. Do you think that there is a double standard in the lifestyle?
  137. What's Your Timeline?
  138. First times - how to make it a good one?
  139. Swinger Clothes
  140. Imposing rules; thought I'd ask for opinions
  141. Filming
  142. Droopy boobs & stretch marks
  143. how many times this year so far
  144. Regret for what you DID vs Remorse for what you Avoided?
  145. It's killing me to not be able to "brag"....
  146. Swingers Education Level
  147. Bizarro day: Wife says husband can't make it to meetup ;)
  148. Half-Swap
  149. Keys to Sucessful First Meets
  150. Married or together for how long
  151. Why do you swing?
  152. Mistaken Identities
  153. A real LOL @ "Unicorn" in the Swinger Dictionary...
  154. Etiquette of Playing with Cameras Involved
  155. How to say no in person.
  156. Fantasize about swap partner
  157. Guys: What do you want to hear when you can't get it up?
  158. 10 Things to Know Before You Start Swinging
  159. What Race Are You?
  160. How out are you and what is that like?
  161. The most common fears of the female partner in a swinging couple
  162. Show Us a Play Night outfit, please.
  163. Rejection Anxiety
  164. How do I brag without bragging?
  165. When Meeting Others, Do you have an "out"?
  166. where to look
  167. Has your swing radar ever gave a false positive?
  168. Advice on How to Approach Others When You're Interested
  169. What Kind of Swinger Are You?
  170. Double Standards
  171. hot tub queries
  172. When to Ask The Condom Question
  173. Are we freaks? lol!
  174. Finding serious swing partners!
  175. Can't we just fuck?
  176. Terminology
  177. How Many Sexual Partners Did you Have Before Swinging?
  178. Swinger Venn Diagram
  179. Screw Them First Or Get to Know Them?
  180. Kinky vs Perverted
  181. What's your biggest swinging mistake?
  182. Dude, do some situps!
  183. Equal Play
  184. Question...Sex positions and getting after it...
  185. Always learning . . .
  186. Are you a Queen Bee?
  187. When did you first hear about "swinging"?
  188. Your parents and swinging - do you want to know?
  189. If swinging could destroy you, why do it?
  190. My Town
  191. Women, sensual or get to the good stuff?
  192. Make love or fuck
  193. Swinging to prevent cheating
  194. Would swinging activity affect your decision on where to live?
  195. How much contact is too much?
  196. Writers that portray responsible non-monogamy in their works
  197. Female Unapproachability
  198. Which do you think is more important in swinging, the womans looks or the males?
  199. Curious about Swingers Clubs & Swinger Parties.
  200. How Deep Is Your Love
  201. A Question for Christian Swingers
  202. I ALLOW my wife to have sex with other men.
  203. Swinging with Friends??????
  204. I did WHAT?
  205. More Excitement With Others: Good or Bad For A Relationship?
  206. Is Swinging Addictive? I mean LITERALLY addictive?
  207. Foreplay Question
  208. A Question for Neo-pagan Swingers
  209. Ah-ha moments in swinging
  210. Age differences and swinging
  211. Why do people talk s**t in this lifestyle???
  212. Question: How Many Men Don't Find It Arousing to Watch Your Wife Have Sex
  213. Finding Playmates in Random Places
  214. How important is it to you that you like your partner's playmate?
  215. Seems Str8, Bi or Gay is no longer enough
  216. Do you exhibit a "tell" when you are nervous?
  217. will the jealousy get better.
  218. Male Performance Enhancement
  219. Do you tell ALL your fantasies?
  220. Teach Us! Guys banging girls all night? Hard and long for hours? How do they do it?
  221. Swinging and Kink, how much crossover is there?
  222. In The Right Situation...
  223. Date night. Energy drinks having opposite effect.
  224. Cuckolding vs. Swinging?
  225. Is Jealousy a Social Construct?
  226. Pushing comfort zones... how do you handle it?
  227. HotWife vs Cuckholding
  228. how was your first swingers experience
  229. Swapping with pornstars
  230. Swinger Privacy
  231. Do I know you?
  232. Newbies and FFM/FMF
  233. I found individual couples to be much better than clubs
  234. Not quite newbie anymore, but need help
  235. What's your biggest weakness?
  236. (Re)Claiming the word Slut
  237. So frustrating!!
  238. Acronyms
  239. POLL: How often do you meet a couple for drinks, etc. and it doesn't work out?
  240. Swinging Before Marriage
  241. MFM paranoia
  242. Wife full swap husband soft?
  243. Not getting enough at home?
  244. How many is enough ?
  245. anniversaries sacred or time for play?
  246. Honeymoon Swinging
  247. A Period of "Honeymoon" for Swinging
  248. Swingers Next Door - the New Normal?
  249. Swingin' Candy!
  250. How _did_ we meet those guys?