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  1. Piercings for men?
  2. Which one of your body parts would you change?
  3. How much jewelery do the ladies like to see the men wear ?
  4. Do you like your breasts natural or silicon?
  5. bathroom breaks and swinging
  6. dark anus - how to lighten
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  8. Piercings?
  9. The Pussy Shaver
  10. Breast Augmentation
  11. shavers
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  13. How do you feel about piercings in general?
  14. Hair between the legs
  15. Is Pubic hair a turn off
  16. what do men and women prefer on a women? hair or no hair
  17. About the Body Modificatin & Hygiene Forum
  18. A question for those guys and gals that have experienced the tounge ring
  19. Hygiene - Butt Crack
  20. Tattoos... can you reduce the pain?
  21. Ouch! Experience with Veet bladeless shaver
  22. Belly Button Piercings???
  23. Penile Pearls
  24. Hood Piercings
  25. Anal Bleach
  26. Surgical Procedures to Improve Sex
  27. I have sensitive skin, can anyone help?
  28. Ugly vagina
  29. Piercing question for the ladies......
  30. There's Hair Where?
  31. Pierced Penises
  32. Thinking of getting my Nipples Peirced, Any advice?
  33. Sexual Turn offs
  34. (Att: guys!) Razor bumps/burn
  35. Optipro Hair Removal?
  36. Need Help: She didn't smell right!
  37. Are fake boobs a turn off?
  38. Shaving Rash
  39. guys how do you like your ladies Shaved, trimed or au natural
  40. Best way to stay shaved
  41. Ingrown hairs ouch!
  42. Does shaving lead to sex induced rash?
  43. Shaving the shaft & balls
  44. Instead (alternative female product)
  45. New Poll (for the ladies) on Whether You Prefer Men Shaved, Trimmed, or Natural...
  46. Intimate Piercings: The Poll
  47. Female Genital Piercings Info (professional)
  48. what about male Piercings
  49. How to keep your pussy pink
  50. Ladies..Male nipple piercing, sexy or not ?
  51. Showing off new boobs
  52. Hairless Pussy
  53. Women:Hair problems
  54. any body here like pussy hair besides me
  55. Shave before play? WHEN should you do it?
  56. To beard or not to beard
  57. Halitosis
  58. What is "shaved"?
  59. Piercings...No or Go?
  60. Braces on dudes
  61. WooHoo I got my hood pierced
  62. Encountered Female with bad smell
  63. Huge cock, for real?
  64. Male Facial Hair Opinions
  65. Shaving the boyss
  66. For the men..shaving down there
  67. Tummy Tuck
  68. Waxing and Weird Looks from Doctor
  69. Hood piercing next Tuesday
  70. Shaving/Nair
  71. Boob Job questions
  72. The Prince (Albert) and I (Piercing question)
  73. tattoos
  74. To Shave or not to shave?????
  75. Hood Piercing and the Gyno
  76. Penis Modification to the EXTREME Super-Sub incisions
  77. Ladies, do you like your men shaved or natural?
  78. Male Pubic Hair Poll
  79. Tanning
  80. Are dentures a turnoff?
  81. nipple piercings
  82. For those who are shaved... if it wasn't "in", would you still?
  83. Brazilian wax didn't hurt that much!
  84. Waxing After Care
  85. Dont Fear the Nair!!!
  86. Weight loss encouragement thread
  87. In Between waxings....
  88. Beard or no Beard
  89. What is your favorite physical attribute?
  90. How do you explain that you "shave"
  91. question about vch piercing
  92. For the Fair Skined, Like Myself...Question on Bruising
  93. Douching
  94. Should we take a break because of my teeth?
  95. "Manscaping" Hits the Mainstream...
  96. Embarrassed by flaccid penis
  97. Prince Albert
  98. Swinging and Tattoos
  99. Pubic trimming-do it yourself or...
  100. Ladies: rubenesque or gymnast?
  101. Nipple bling....like it or not?
  102. another question for the guys
  103. What's the sexiest location for a body piercing?
  104. Vaginal Reconstruction
  105. VCH pierce and cameltoe pants?
  106. Grower or Shower, Does it matter?
  107. Hood piercing
  108. Lube Problems
  109. Facial hair poll??
  110. Concerns about good old stretch marks :(
  111. Manscaping
  112. Shaving Pubic Hair Tips Please
  113. Instead Menstrual Cups
  114. Piercing.
  115. Long or short hair on women
  116. nipple question for the Ladies
  117. Soft and downy?
  118. C-section Scar and Pubic Hair
  119. Wife says she is too fat
  120. Does [body] size matter?
  121. Ladies: Breast Implants
  122. Pubic Hair Fashion 2012
  123. Glasses
  124. Insecure about breasts
  125. Breast Lift Advice?.
  126. Silly Hair Question
  127. Visible scars? are they a turn off?
  128. Got Rid of the Red Bumps!
  129. Keeping the pubic area hairless.
  130. Body image, confidence and success in swinging
  131. What makes you feel sexy & confident?
  132. Doctor speaks out against the War on Pubic Hair
  133. Lab grown penis closer to reality
  134. Unsure about body types.
  135. Uncut
  136. Penis jewelry
  137. Pubic Hair Fashion 2013
  138. Has anyone seen the adds in FL for the $2900 breast implants.
  139. What have we overlooked?
  140. Are comfortable in your own skin?
  141. National Geographic boobie questions
  142. Seeking advice from women that have had breast augmentation/lift
  143. Impulsively adjusting a costume to cover a big front
  144. Study concludes women find men with larger penises more attractive
  145. What colognes and perfumes turn you on or off?
  146. Real Beauty Sketches
  147. Would you shave if you weren't a swinger?
  148. Transgender Transition Within a Family
  149. Pubic hair
  150. Getting in Shape to Swing
  151. Ring around my penis
  152. Body size limt.
  153. So, hot stuff, how's your body image?
  154. The Brazilian...no not a guy, the wax experience
  155. Eager, but so insecure
  156. Bodyscaping for one and all
  157. Facial Hair Poll
  158. Penis sizes, why men lie, and other such things (Article)
  159. Scars
  160. Informal study finds that North Dakota men suffer from self delusion
  161. Vagina steaming and vajacials. Yeah, they're really things now.
  162. You say Instead Cup. I say DivaCup. Let's call the whole thing off.
  163. When the husband isn't as attractive as the wife
  164. Ladies - do you prefer muscular men or skinny dudes???
  165. Pubic Hair Fashion 2014
  166. Diphallia
  167. Shaving your male pubic area with care. Tips requested!
  168. Brazilians are for Barbies and reality stars
  169. Is she or isn't she. Only her hair dresser can tell.
  170. Mommy Make Over for The Mrs?
  171. Height Discrimination
  172. Feminine Hygiene what lurks below.
  173. Use of perfume and cologne
  174. Too hairy is just not a good thing!
  175. Wanted: Suggestions on how to cover loose skin
  176. Make-up: Does It Boost You Up?
  177. Do You Like Tanned Skin On Yourself?
  178. Body Scars vs. Face Scars
  179. Extreme Body Modifications
  180. Shapewear
  181. Period = "Broken"
  182. The Power of Makeup - before and after pictures
  183. Scabby skin!
  184. Empowering Illustrations Regarding Women's Bodies
  185. Beauty marks/moles on the face
  186. What is "beauty" in different countries
  187. Men and Make-up
  188. General opinions of breast reductions, lipo, tummy tucks, etc.
  189. Elderly people who are overweight look younger?
  190. If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
  191. Hygiene first impressions with swinging playmates?
  192. Peach scented vagina? There's a start up for that
  193. Why douche when you can steam clean?