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  1. What is soft swinging?
  2. Do hard-swing couples ever soft-swing?
  3. Your opinions on sexual exhibitionism
  4. Are we going to find others who like soft swap too?
  5. Finding People into Soft Swinging?
  6. Full-Swap vs. Soft-Swinging
  7. Will we go from soft swinging to full swap?
  8. Soft Swinging
  9. Staying a virgin and swinging
  10. Can we limit it to touching and oral only?
  11. Swinging without Swapping?
  12. Playing with a Soft swing couple but want more
  13. What do you think is soft swinging?
  14. Will full swap couples play with soft swing couples?
  15. soft swing deception
  16. Ultra soft swinging
  17. looking for very soft swing
  18. Sex in Swinging Sans Intercourse
  19. Soft Swap and Cuming
  20. Soft-swap question
  21. Full swappers, just curious is it frustrating to be with soft swingers?
  22. "Ultra-light" swing questions
  23. Watching & Being Watched
  24. Need Soft Swap Advice
  25. Transition from soft swinging to full swap
  26. New and curious about this life style