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  1. What is considered too personal?
  2. Can there be "fairness" in swinging?
  3. Alcohol's effect on changing boundaries
  4. Husband doesn't agree with my boundaries
  5. Will other couples respect our tight boundaries?
  6. Do Women Hold the Power When it Comes to Swinging?
  7. Bi-women who don't go down
  8. What about something a swing partner would do that your regular partner will not?
  9. Doing things with a swap partner that you don't do with your spouse
  10. Wife's boundaries too restrictive!
  11. Can we have a MFM Softswing?
  12. How often do you meet up with other swingers?
  13. How soon do you reveal your boundaries?
  14. Is it normal for things to go so well with so few rules?
  15. He Wants FMF, She Wants MFM - Compromise?
  16. Worried about wife being alone with strange men
  17. Different limits for husband and wife
  18. She's moving at a different pace
  19. Having Boundaries = personal hangups or jealousy
  20. new partner is not comfortable with me telling my husband the details of our playtime
  21. When do you let the other couple know your limits?
  22. Couple no longer interested in us because they didn't like our boundaries
  23. Too Picky? Can't find couples at clubs that interest us both
  24. Setting boundaries on first experience
  25. When they think "NO" means "Just push harder"
  26. She talks more with my hubby than me
  27. The Difference between Rules & Boundaries
  28. Boundaries being breached between two couples and female feeling left out of the loop
  29. Couples who have no kissing rule?
  30. His actions with the female make me uncomfortable...
  31. Oral sex and partner expectations
  32. Is it fair? Watching to make sure SO doesn't violate rules/boundaries
  33. Some rules are just asking to be broken
  34. Wearing your wedding or engagement ring when swinging?
  35. Opinions wanted re: Boundaries Communicated but not Honored
  36. Pushy Players...
  37. Am I Out of Line?
  38. Question about soft swing problems
  39. New to all this and looking for some advice
  40. Telling them your boundaries/no connection
  41. Seeing x girlfriend solo in "unserious" way ?%#*?
  42. Swinging for a year... much to learn about boundaries
  43. Confused about the role of cuddling