View Full Version : Why We Swing

  1. what makes you want to swing
  2. Poll: Any regrets???
  3. New Relationship - why does he want to swing?
  4. Better sex as a Swinger?
  5. Singles: Why do you want to swing?
  6. What are Your Reasons for Swinging
  7. Is it what you expected?
  8. Is swinging really worth the drama that comes with it?
  9. Whats your motivation?
  10. Why Do Singles Swing?
  11. What Fantasies are you looking to fulfill through swinging?
  12. The desire to and the reasons for swinging become very blurred
  13. How did you decide sex only - not friends or friends first?
  14. Emotional Monogamy and justifying swinging
  15. Women, why do you swing?
  16. Men...why do you swing?
  17. Are Swingers Sex addicts
  18. Is swinging really worth the stress that comes with it?
  19. Fulfillment
  20. Spicing up your sex life.
  21. Spice Up Your Marriage
  22. Meaningless sex?
  23. Why do I wish to watch my partner have sex with another man
  24. Why would a man want to watch his wife with another man
  25. Why would my husband want to see me with another man?
  26. swinging is a Sexual Disorder?
  27. Have we been Swinging for the 'wrong' reason?
  28. Is this a typical motive for swinging?
  29. Did you "need" to swing?
  30. Five Choices in a Marriage... What do you think?
  31. Want to swing so that I can have an orgasm
  32. The thrill of her cheating on me....
  33. Why the heck DO I swing anyway??? - Long, read at your own risk
  34. For couples, what got you into swinging?
  35. What makes a man let another man fuck his wife?
  36. Are women who swing pressured into it?
  37. Right Reason / Wrong Reason?
  38. If swinging encounters don't measure up, why do we continue?
  39. Just getting attention?
  40. a curiosity hook up
  41. Satisfied???
  42. More Orgasms From Other Man?
  43. Is swinging an intelligent choice?
  44. Swinging and Liberation
  45. Are they enough for you?
  46. Do we have a choice?
  47. How has swinging helped you?
  48. What is the argument against successful swingers?
  49. Psychologically, Why Are We Soo Turned On By Swinging?
  50. Why Did you Start Swinging?
  51. Is wanting to start younger poor motivation?
  52. Why does the mfm rock!!!
  53. Using swinging to compensate for a spouse's shortcomings
  54. Sex is best at home, so why swing?
  55. Because you love them enough to be open to them having these experiences
  56. Why do we swing? Explaining this lifestyle to someone who isn't in it!