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  1. A fun and touching weekend
  2. My first bi experience with another female
  3. Happy Experience with Single Male
  4. A GREAT update on us!
  5. Very Best Swing Experience
  6. Best Club Experienced
  7. Our first lifestyle event!!
  8. Hooray!
  9. finally had our first real experience
  10. Ideal couple
  11. Birthday Plan
  12. Separate room full swap experience
  13. I did it!!! I did it!!!
  14. The $20 bet
  15. WOW is all I can say.
  16. The international language
  17. Half way there! MFM experiance
  18. Our First MFM...The Verdict
  19. Important, encouraging experience
  20. Pack Dogs & the Unicorn
  21. My experience last night....
  22. Anxiously awaiting tonight!!!
  23. Favorite moment
  24. Sharona and Her Trainer
  25. My favorite times
  26. Gangbang
  27. A turn on for me
  28. I finally achieved an orgasm with a playmate
  29. Our first event ... a house party for the ladies!
  30. Their in a 69 what the hell do I do ?
  31. House Party
  32. My best friend's 30th birthday
  33. Making lemonade
  34. Forget lemonade, let's make lemon meringue!
  35. Gangbang participants
  36. His revenge - our fun
  37. Bukkake Experience...
  38. Vanilla-world acquaintances reveal themselves to actually be swingers!
  39. Unicorn... Found one! or two!
  40. Our first time alone with a couple, we find some great teachers!
  41. Meeting a couple for the first time
  42. Sometimes it all works.......
  43. Then the playdar went beep..beep
  44. Best experiences
  45. An exciting weekend without the bf
  46. Friends Wife
  47. Threesome
  48. With Stranger at Night Club
  49. friday date- best time ever!!
  50. I licked a girl and I liked it....
  51. Positive Experiences!
  52. Great experience with an outstanding couple
  53. Surprisingly Good?
  54. The best of times
  55. Our next threesome
  56. Our first time with another couple
  57. Awesome Experiences
  58. our first interracial bash
  59. They have everything at Wal-Mart!
  60. I would pat myself on the back but.....
  61. A Really Fun Night
  62. Bar pick up!
  63. All the men's eyes were on her, and all their hands were on their . . .
  64. Best group sex night - what's yours?
  65. Wow! Finally met our friends w/benefits
  66. Our first time unplanned swap
  67. Bare back MFM
  68. How LUCKY am I ?????
  69. Lucked out early with the lifestyle
  70. Gang bang #2 is now behind us!
  71. Never say never!
  72. Another First Achieved !!
  73. A little bit of confidence...
  74. First meet surprise.
  75. Their First Time...
  76. 1st event
  77. One in a Million Hook-up (VERY LONG)
  78. The more the merrier!
  79. Swinging and nudism
  80. He/She said! Either way! What a blast!!!!
  81. A weekend of firsts!
  82. We gave in to temptation...
  83. 1st mfm
  84. Boat lovins!
  85. FB Funny
  86. All tied up and no where to go
  87. Out of the frying pan and into the fire...
  88. a pleasant and promising first meeting
  89. First Pool Party
  90. Wonderful experience
  91. Our journey
  92. Well, we thought we were soft swap....not!
  93. Syn's First BBC.
  94. Wonderful 3 way-4 way same bed play
  95. I love my SUV.
  96. Swinging has brought us closer
  97. Second visit to The Loft (or: Stage Fright Redux)
  98. Just a funny experience.
  99. It felt great!!!!
  100. Fantastic! MFM
  101. Awesome!
  102. Butterflies from meeting a new couple
  103. Another Step to an MFM
  104. best is yet to come...frustration to anticipation
  105. Crazy day at the mall :)
  106. Great experience with a great friend
  107. The phone rang...
  108. Had an amazing MFM and want to brag about it!!! :)
  109. I gotta tell some one
  110. Last night at the club...
  111. Great night out!
  112. Vanilla friends shared.
  113. Good and Just OK
  114. What's better than one unicorn... two??
  115. A little extra
  116. Our first party
  117. our first house party
  118. Four hours and 90 minutes
  119. Valentines with friends
  120. my wife before we were married
  121. First Time...
  122. Stripper turned her on.
  123. Sharing this experience..
  124. Great meet
  125. Red Rooster in Vegas
  126. Our First Swinging Experience (MFM)
  127. I hate to Kum & Go, but...
  128. In Appreciation of the Wives in the Lifestyle
  129. OMG, what a great party!
  130. Our Best-Yet House Party
  131. Our first 4some was awesome!
  132. First time mff! It was awesome!!!
  133. Dec 17 * our weekend with Tom and Carol
  134. Unicorn spotted at work
  135. Strippers?
  136. Happy New Year!
  137. Yeah...let's talk about sex!!!
  138. double triple
  139. competition
  140. Fond memories in my pocket.
  141. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
  142. VERY EXCITED about our new friends!
  143. 3 way couple swap!
  144. Saying No On My Own
  145. Sweet frustration
  146. 1st time!
  147. 1st hot FMF
  148. We had a Wicked time at the club named Wicked in Toronto,
  149. It's HOT in Texas!
  150. An invitation to share...
  151. Oh what a night! A step was taken...
  152. Sometimes bad ends up good
  153. Good things come to dirty girls...;-)
  154. Massage in public room
  155. Coming into her own!
  156. Big cock for wife