View Full Version : Personal Preferences in Swinging

  1. Multiple Couples vs. one couple preference
  2. Same room with limited space
  3. What Makes Semen & Pussy Juice Tastes Good?
  4. Pussy lips
  5. Quality or Quanity?
  6. Swingers who smoke; folks who don't
  7. Can a man have sex with a woman without physical attraction?
  8. Labia..Large vs. small
  9. Close friends starting to push their preferences on me
  10. Gentlemen's Choice of Lingerie Colors
  11. How Do You Swing?
  12. Men, do you prefer shy or outgoing women?
  13. Submissive straight men?
  14. Learning how to please others the way they want to be pleased
  15. How have your interests changed since you've been swinging?
  16. Is Moaning a Turn-Off?
  17. Do the ladies prefer Gentlemen or Cavemen?
  18. Men: Do you prefer a Lady or a Tramp?
  19. Word Connotation
  20. Doing Pictures & video with other couples
  21. Are Anilingus and cunilingus acceptable in swinging?
  22. Should I warn her before I cum?
  23. Can a swinger woman be TOO slutty?
  24. Keeping partner within touching distance in Group encounters
  25. porn while playing
  26. MFM in a working marriage??
  27. Swingers are not so open-minded...
  28. stating a perkier tit preference during play
  29. Those sickening couples that love each other so much!
  30. Is it common to play at Someone's Home
  31. Our Swinging Preferences, do we have A Shallow Mindset?
  32. Believe this couple is looking for different things than we are
  33. Surprises you hope never to discover when meeting swingers
  34. Is it wierd to not get off by watching your wife?
  35. I want more from our "No Strings Attached" relationship
  36. Is it ok for him to only want females?
  37. Anal for him but not me? What gives!
  38. Didn't all get full swap...what do we do now?
  39. Lights on or lights off?
  40. Married vs. Unmarried
  41. Are You A Giver Or A Receiver ?
  42. Ladies, Do You Watch Your Man?
  43. Meet new people or enjoy old friends?
  44. Wondering if we should meet this couple
  45. Am I weird or what? (Being picky about playmates)
  46. Don't like the way she kisses
  47. What would you consider regular?
  48. Question for couples who play with couples
  49. Same Room vs. Separate Room?
  50. Seducing her? What do the ladies think?
  51. They want double vaginal - I feel hesitant
  52. Age preferences/discrimination
  53. A Question For Everyone
  54. Just not into watching