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  1. How single male finds single female into swinging
  2. How to approach other swingers for our first time?
  3. nudity vs swinging
  4. Testing the swinging waters by first using a prostitute?
  5. how do I find a a lady or couple to start with?
  6. How do you meet real people to swing with?
  7. Think Co-Workers may be swingers, should we broach?
  8. Anticipating First Meet With Another Couple
  9. Showing Newbies "the ropes"
  10. Non-Smokers: Will you swing with smokers?
  11. How do you meet potential swing partners?
  12. frustrated about finding a compatible couple to swing with
  13. Ready! Now how to find people
  14. Any advice for a single woman wanting to meet groups
  15. We can't agree on other couples
  16. single male responds
  17. Stripper interested in us or just trying to pry our wallet from us?
  18. Swinging Males get left out
  19. Maried but Single
  20. Why are there more single guys?
  21. Are singles looked down upon?
  22. Meeting Friends of Other Swing Couples
  23. Responding to profiles at swinger sites
  24. Double Standard of picking up single males vs single females
  25. What Do You Look For In Partners?
  26. Lets be realistic here...
  27. Do you look for new faces or old friends?
  28. If a couple breaks up do you continue playing with one of them as singles?
  29. Where do you typically meet people?
  30. Body language
  31. First time swinging - newbie couple with newbie couple?
  32. Writing an effective profile
  33. The "ticket" theory
  34. Why do so many ads say "No Single Males"
  35. Swinging single male resumes' ?
  36. Pros and cons of meeting couples online or at a club?
  37. What's the best way to find other couples to swing with?
  38. What do you look for in a playmate?
  39. How do YOU find potential swing partners?
  40. Picking up a single in a bar?
  41. What is the big deal with single men?
  42. Finding that elusive couple
  43. Can you be too gentlemanly?
  44. Advice to Single Men on Answering Profile Ads
  45. Meeting potential swing partners: what makes a good or bad impression?
  46. Tips for choosing the right single male
  47. Just about ready to give up!
  48. Finding Third for MFM and making sure he's not a crazy
  49. How much did you have to wade through?
  50. Red Flags from a Couple
  51. the unfulfilled dreams
  52. How do we find a woman for a threesome?
  53. Married male, wife not interested. How do i get involved
  54. Any advice on Screening potentail playmates?
  55. Starting with singles or couples what is the best way to start?
  56. Is swinging really worth giving up the chance of a vanilla relationship?
  57. Decoder Rings & Secret Handshakes.. lol
  58. Do you care if the couples you swing with are married or not?
  59. Playing with Newbies and the Direction they take
  60. Why can't we find what we want?
  61. How do I bring up swinging to women I date without getting dumped?
  62. Where do poor swingers go?
  63. Do you swing with unmarried couples?
  64. Are we too picky?
  65. Who would swing with me?
  66. How to meet a single male - Our approach
  67. Do you choose a target couple and lock on?
  68. Do you ever get overwhelmed by too many swinging options?
  69. What are the first few things that come to your mind when a guy has never had a gf?
  70. How do you meet people, without going to clubs
  71. "Caste System" in the Lifestyle Based on Age/Beauty?
  72. Can I Ever find True love with a woman who enjoys this lifestyle?
  73. Confused about standards in swinging... help!
  74. Disproportionate interest
  75. Swinging is real work and time consuming!
  76. Being 'selective' stinks
  77. Selecting Swing partners - On-line vs. In person
  78. Is swinging right for us?
  79. Who is your first?
  80. Met a great couple but things went nowhere! What happened?
  81. Whats your opinions on hiring a male escort for MFM?
  82. Married swingers but not to each other
  83. Pro-active or passive ?
  84. Partner is passive about finding others to play with
  85. Women rule the swinging world, some guys feel left out.
  86. bumper sticker to identify as swingers
  87. Plans for Saturday night, how long should we wait for them to confirm?
  88. The Elusive NICE Single Guy?
  89. where to go to find someone?
  90. Frustrated with finding other couples
  91. Advice regarding meeting people on swinger sites
  92. Winnebago
  93. How Do You Prefer To Meet New Playmates?
  94. How do you feel about using escorts?
  95. Subtle ways to spot a swinging couple in public.
  96. Being Picky about your partner's partner
  97. Just looking, and looking, and looking, and can't believe we're still looking.....
  98. How should i approach a unicorn?
  99. Singles, in or out of the lifestyle
  100. Why Lee is Right!
  101. How do you know if the other couple is ok with Soft Swinging?
  102. Question for BigBeautiful Swingers (and those who prefer them)
  103. Are Most Swing Couples Seeking A Full Swap Or Just A 3-some With Single Women?
  104. Bed Hoppers & Post Notchers...
  105. Where do you meet People
  106. A different swinging purgatory
  107. Playing Local vs Long Distance
  108. What's the Furthest You have travelled to swing?
  109. hello, we found your address in a magazine, wanna screw?
  110. why have you rejected perfectly nice couples in the past?
  111. Hard time finding friends for play
  112. How do you like to meet people?
  113. Turn Offs?
  114. Finding Swingers at Weddings
  115. MFM with a really good friend?
  116. Choices Choices
  117. Playing with Newbies
  118. We Have Enough Friends....
  119. Younger Wife - Older Husband: Age spread and couple compatibility
  120. Deal Breakers
  121. Looks: What do you look for?
  122. Trying to meet others is too much of a goddamn hassle
  123. Considering someone who she had a relationship with in the past
  124. Who to choose? How to choose?
  125. The second unicorn - an attractive couple
  126. How about any musicians in the lifestyle?
  127. symbols for threesomes
  128. Boy do we need some help
  129. Indicator or signs that someone is a swinger
  130. Indecent proposal?
  131. Swingers Signals
  132. The Year of Living Vicariously - Getting back in the action after an extended break
  133. What do you do when one half of the couple doesn't seem interested?
  134. ever get tired of the "search"??
  135. Where have all the swingers gone?
  136. The Swinger Test
  137. singles finding love in the lifestyle?
  138. My preferences seem to be standing in the way...
  139. Single Fem Bi would like help in better communication and understanding with couples
  140. Single Males - Don't contact us, we will find you
  141. Odd things potential playmates have said
  142. MFM? ...Well you see
  143. Too innocent?
  144. Tips in Seeking Friends with Benefits
  145. different tastes
  146. She used to be a prostitute....
  147. Is it "One for the Team" if the chemistry is light
  148. How young will you go?
  149. First club venture and question about finding couples
  150. What's your process for meeting people?
  151. 24, New to The Lifestyle...Questions about finding female for third
  152. Meeting someone for dinner?
  153. How do you feel about newbs who don't swap?
  154. Appeal of first timers
  155. Subtle signs they might be swingers
  156. Meeting Someone and Going To Their Place???
  157. heres a question for everyone. - pineapple flag as an indicator of swinging
  158. But Everyone in the Lifestyle is So Genuine and Nice!
  159. Too picky?
  160. So who are Newbies supposed to swing with anyway?
  161. Process of finding our Third
  162. Things just not going the way we wanted with single males.
  163. A question for the straight women - does how the other woman looks matter to you?
  164. Finding Swinging Spouse?
  165. Finding the right mix
  166. Newbees: Eager to start but getting tired of fakes and letdowns!
  167. Are hookups better at clubs or on sites?
  168. Female bisexuality is a pain in the butt!
  169. Going through one couple to get to another
  170. Why does this bring of a red flag?
  171. They see my picture and seem to lose interest...
  172. Looking for some advice and wisdom about newbies
  173. me my wife and my nephew
  174. Are we too picky?
  175. maybe want a swinger companion
  176. How do you go about finding a guy for a threesome?
  177. Complete stranger or steady relationship - what's better?
  178. Swinger traits (good and bad) to watch for?
  179. Wife wants "spontaneous" but I'm considering "arranging" something...
  180. New and Taking it Slow - Suggestions
  181. Couple seeking bi fem or couple, are they worth it?
  182. Single Straight Female.
  183. Advice for Meeting Couples
  184. Felt used by FWB couple at club...
  185. Are we being blown off?
  186. Why is it so dam hard to find Attractive People in the swinging world
  187. Swinging just for sex OK?
  188. Words or phrases to determine if others are swingers
  189. Would you meet them?
  190. Birthday surprise
  191. It's a small world
  192. Stood Up ???
  193. Long-time friend of fiancee wants to join in.
  194. Rural swinging?
  195. Oh... Were BRAND NEW with NO EXPERIENCE…need LOTS of Advise
  196. Would you be willing to wait?
  197. FFM needs another M
  198. What's the deal with these people?
  199. Advice on making a good first impression
  200. Are We Too Choosy?
  201. Take it or leave it
  202. Am I Being Too Picky?
  203. Assessing the connection/interest
  204. Some Advice on what to do.
  205. Is this being naive or possibly a bad idea?
  206. Can't decide
  207. Attraction/chemistry and its importance
  208. Getting These Couples to Swing