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  1. Husband Surprised me With Couples Encounter
  2. Any horror stories out there?
  3. Should I beat this guy senseless?
  4. Disappointed in local swing club
  5. He didn't use a condom. What would you have done?
  6. What the hell did I get my self into? Slept with step-son
  7. Drama with another couple. Why are we bothering?
  8. Swinger friend coming over - how do we handle this?
  9. Have you had a bad experience that has almost scared you out of swinging?
  10. A lesson learned too late
  11. You'd think after 7 years: We'd know better!
  12. Couple Misrepresented themselves
  13. Left out of a Foursome
  14. Why does this KEEP happening to US???
  15. Photographer Getting Weird
  16. our 3some went very wrong help
  17. Scratching my head at this one, LOL!!
  18. I thought I could swing.
  19. scariest experience ?
  20. Problem with an Aggressive Man Who contacted me Online
  21. Bad experiences!!!
  22. Broken Hearted - Bad Experience with Single Female
  23. Expect the Unexpected
  24. Getting your profile mailed to your house!!
  25. Hurting and Confused - Male in threesome forced anal
  26. 3 bad experiences, need help
  27. I'm so irritated..
  28. Lifestyle Nightmare: Where Were the Hosts?
  29. Sex without a connection- a learning experience
  30. We screwed up - swinging on a business trip
  31. Bad experience at private party
  32. Experienced couple moved too fast with us
  33. Nightmare Sexual Partner Stories
  34. Well this weekend got wierd
  35. Stood up on our first meet - does this happen frequently?
  36. How do we get over this experience? - couple we met may have tried to drug our drinks
  37. Rohypnol at a party - Somone put it in our drinks!
  38. A bad experience, could have been worse...
  39. Female of other couple decided she couldn't handle her hubby with someone else
  40. Sexual Blackmail
  41. The Scammers That prey on our lifestyle
  43. Single male admitted to being in love with my wife
  44. ewww, just ewww
  45. Completely bent out of shape
  46. Stood Up
  47. The female of the other couple may have issues
  48. The SpooMonkeys Have Spoiled Us!
  49. When swing partners are forced to be counselors
  50. Grossed out, and maybe even burned out?
  51. Bad Experience - Are there nice people out there?
  52. Once again the Green-eyed Monster makes its appearance.
  53. Buzz Kill!
  54. should you give advice when someone totally blows it?
  55. Outted myself in a most horrifying way...read on
  56. Why I Hate the Lifestyle
  57. Not very high-flying experience at Trapeze!
  58. Left Out
  59. Fuck over at swing club, literally!
  60. Fatal Attraction
  61. Stood up by a single female
  62. What would you do ?
  63. It was bound to happen
  64. It was a goodbad! Eek, where to put it....
  65. What would you have done?
  66. Odd occurance-ever happened to you?
  67. Mr Stud and Mrs Dead Fish
  68. Okay, this was just weird!
  69. Third time's "not" a charm
  70. 3 strikes....Meeting a Couple
  71. On Premise Club LONG ISLAND
  72. A few bad experiences in a row...
  73. 0 for 2
  74. The only time we ever walked out while playing
  75. I was routinely ignored, rejected, and rudely treated at parties...
  76. First time swinging... I got drugged.
  77. Well, its happened...
  78. 2nd MFM could have turned out better
  79. Doing it when you arent overly interested
  80. Bleh...
  81. Running into a sub carrier for strep
  82. First meeting, woman coerced
  83. i was left alone in a foursome with my partner and a couple
  84. The way to not pick up a playmate.
  85. Terrible experience with a girl
  86. Intimidating Experience/Age Differences
  87. the challenges of hosting and the decisions made by hosts
  88. Our first bad couple experience
  89. Sure, we have bad experiences. But no good comes from telling the stories here.
  90. Bad random touching experience
  91. We did it, now we are in marital stagnets
  92. My only experiences so far have been bad but I remain optimistic
  93. 3 way today, could have been better.
  94. Think I was given GHB at a party--not sure?
  95. First Full Swap - He struggled, she was a porn-star - some complications...
  96. Another Meet another Clanger
  97. Wifes first bi-sexual/Bi-curious experience ruined.......
  98. Feeling a little bamboozled
  99. Swinging horror stories
  100. Bad night rant.
  101. Not so much a bad experience as much as a near-miss incident
  102. I wont go bareback and that's a deal breaker
  103. Started out great, then.....
  104. "Smokeless" tobacco
  105. Lonelier than ever
  106. A total disaster, but a great learning experience.