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  1. Sexual history
  2. Just want one night stands but don't want to lie
  3. First intimate meeting protocol
  4. the "scouting report"
  5. No call, No shows
  6. Handling male orgasm?
  7. Swinger Friends divorcing, ok to play with 1/2 of the couple?
  8. Giving Out Contact info at Parties
  9. Problems With Swinger Etiquette
  10. Introductions DURING sex
  11. Stood up - Second chance or forget about it?
  12. Etiquette question about phobias
  13. How to tell someone they smell bad?
  14. FMF Sleepover - Who sleeps where?
  15. Return Emaill Etiquette?
  16. question on who is responsible for paying?
  17. "Once we've had you..."
  18. Kiss and Tell????
  19. How Much Do People Talk
  20. Relationships - or one-night stands?
  21. Why stand people up?
  22. explaining swinger etiquette to newbies
  23. Were they better than me? Should you answer?
  24. Name Dropping
  25. Who should pay for the hotel room?
  26. who's responsible for guiding play after it's initiated?
  27. Masturbating at a swing club/party?
  28. Swing Camp
  29. Manners and etiquette
  30. Don't Touch!!
  31. Are they blowing us off?
  32. etiquette at a swing club
  33. Washing between play times
  34. For the Ladies, PUSHY or FLIRTING
  35. Which male finishes first in a MFM?
  36. Request to touch at swingers club
  37. Playing with a couple who just played with our friends???
  38. How should I apologize?
  39. House party etiquette
  40. How much flirting or sexual comments are acceptable?
  41. Soft Swap question: Where to finish off ?
  42. Is it rude to shower and do it again ?
  43. Meeting a couple for the first at a club
  44. Non-playing first meet - to tell or not?
  45. need conversation help
  46. After 1st Meeting Etiquette Question
  47. How do we communicate that we need to go slower without offending them?
  48. Group Etiquette - What's kosher?
  49. Being nice does not equal I want to play....
  50. Club Ettiquette
  51. Have you ever received "how to" instructions?
  52. Is this impolite?
  53. Paying?
  54. Speak no evil
  55. Multiple Invites to Club
  56. Things not to say to someone you are hoping to hook up with
  57. What to do after the first full swap?
  58. Responsibilities when breaking in newbies
  59. Cumming in her mouth
  60. Don't just grab me! For the ladies and Men
  61. Dating a couple or after-date advice
  62. When your lifestyle friends split up
  63. There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.
  64. How long to wait after leaving message before making other plans?
  65. Do you flake on swinging dates, yet treat vanilla plans seriously?
  66. What to do when you "finish" first?
  67. Are swingers more respectful of others?
  68. paying for hotels
  69. Bad Experience with hosts at club, should I say something or let it go?
  70. MFM Threesome: Is he showing genuine consideration of our kissing boundaries?
  71. In what order should permission be asked?
  72. annoying married men
  73. Why do we expect more out of swingers?
  74. Guest etiquette???
  75. How do swingers address each other in a meet and greet situation
  76. threesome in a hotel - etiquette
  77. Cell phone video/ photos
  78. doors ajar at hotel parties
  79. This guy showed up at her place of work...
  80. How to handle swingers with different values/beliefs
  81. That hurts! Do you tell or grin and bear it?
  82. Etiquette when meeting new couples
  83. Rituals and their meaning: the social card
  84. Gifts to swing partners: How much is too much
  85. Party Crashers
  86. Hickeys
  87. Correct the newbies who rejected you?
  88. not sure what to do
  89. Did we misunderstand.
  90. The Rocky First Meeting - Protocol and Other Questions
  91. Women crazed for BBC disrespecting our relationship
  92. Was I wrong
  93. Group etiquette?
  94. Unsure of Something (Big deal/No big deal- Accident/Shady)
  95. Cumming or not