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  1. Swingers Advice on Sending out Pics
  2. How Not to Post an Ad
  3. Meeting couples on the Web
  4. Which partner sets things up online?
  5. Using Internet to Find Single Man - Wife Uncomfortable
  6. Online ads: Meet My Penis
  7. Ad advice
  8. Encountered someone we know on a swinger site
  9. Pictures and Personal Ads - Your thoughts?
  10. Advice to men on their pics
  11. Posting ads with pictures?
  12. Common Courtesy and Common Sense
  13. Why do so few couples include pictures of the male half?
  14. How much personal info do you give on initial contact?
  15. Potential Playmates wanting to meet in person too soon
  16. Build your own swinger site
  17. Ads - Venting
  18. finding real couples - more discussions of the swinger ad sites
  19. What turns you on when viewing profiles?
  20. How to give a compliment...."nicely" and keep your head
  21. Discovering someone you know on a swinger site...
  22. Ad Do's and Dont's
  23. Need advice on responding to ads and inquiries
  24. How do you know an swinger on the internet is real?
  25. Wife unsure of meeting other swingers from the internet
  26. Not reading the profile
  27. Asking for Pics
  28. A Case of Too Much Information?
  29. How fast do you respond?
  30. Private Parts Pics
  31. Recognize someone we saw online
  32. Are you more likely to respond or contact a paid vs. free member?
  33. making contact
  34. If you didn't like the pictures, would you still meet?
  35. She got mad because I didn't send Nude Pictures....
  36. False Advertising?
  37. Truth in Advertising
  38. If they don't reply, what does it say about them?
  39. Safe time to send pics out
  40. Are pictures worth 1000 words?
  41. Code Words and Hidden Meanings in Profiles
  42. Pictures of couple didn't match their real-life appearance!
  43. Pics, to block face or not?
  44. How important is a "couples pic" in a couples' ad?
  45. Looking & answering to swinger ads separate or together
  46. Online swingers- they will IM & Webcam but won't meet
  47. found someone I know on a swinger site
  48. Responding to ads?
  49. Are we hung up on the visual??
  50. Smartass response????
  51. Why don't they reply?
  52. Misrepresentation..
  53. What kind of profile photo do you prefer?
  54. Where are the pictures of the male on profiles?
  55. Couples pictures
  56. Endless Chatting Online?
  57. When couples don't send pictures of the man
  58. Too much personal information required by swinger sites?
  59. Profile Picture Perception
  60. Normal message response times on swinger ad sites?
  61. Creating an Honest Profile that doesn't offend
  62. Question: Chatting Challanged?
  63. Ever had anyone block you without knowing why?
  64. sharing face pics
  65. SLS Certification - Etiquette Question
  66. People Not Responding
  67. Bad spelling and poor grammar in profiles
  68. Overlooking a profile lie?
  69. We rewrote a single guys's profile - but now wonder if he will be able to keep up
  70. Meaningless Online Profile Statements
  71. People who need to keep in touch too often - Potential drama?
  72. Our brief tour through Adult Friend Finder (AFF)
  73. angry swinger ads
  74. Pic Traders or have they really forgotten that we've talked before?
  75. Pictures of a potential couple remind us of someone
  76. problems meeting up with people?
  77. Private pictures on SLS when they've already shown everything
  78. Reveal disabilities in profile?
  79. Etiquette of Sharing Private Pics
  80. What in a picture can indicate negative things about the couple?
  81. What do you LIKE to see in swingers' profile pics?
  82. The worst come on lines you've gotten?
  83. Honesty got me blocked by another couple
  84. Do you ever feel like private messages invade your space?
  85. Certifying couples on SLS
  86. Photos of the Ungroomed
  87. face pic etiquette on SLS
  88. Message Responses? I just do not get it!!!
  89. Winks
  90. When you say"____", what do you really mean?
  91. AFF and SLS
  92. With Utter Disbelief... a VERY recognizable face appears on SLS
  93. Unicorns, Still need some advice with our profile
  94. drinks,dinner or something
  95. Swingers' profiles
  96. Blocking on SLS
  97. Why is so much Pay Only ! !
  98. Is it typical that people meet right off the bat?
  99. D/D Free...what does it mean to you?
  100. Why so few replies to our SLS e-mails?
  101. Have you ever encountered a couple selling a service?
  102. SLS profiles
  103. Observations about profiles and what people should not do
  104. What's your take on multiple/duplicate profiles?
  105. Bad profile, wrong kind of pics: would you ever tell them?
  106. Why I like SLS better than AFF
  107. Free SLS Members
  108. people who dont reply
  109. What do you prefer to see in profile pics?
  110. Blowing people off vs giving someone a chance
  111. How important is Yahoo
  112. Profiles w/False Advertising
  113. Swinger's Web sites sending deceptive emails - has this happened to you?
  114. craigslist SEX - "Casual Encounters"
  115. How to answer emails
  116. Blocking Free Users
  117. Have you ever tried cam sex?
  118. What pics do you send?
  119. You tell us what we should do (Sending pics before meeting)
  120. Need SLS help
  121. Pictures that turn you off!
  122. Posting on Yahoo messenger
  123. The Age Old... why haven't they replied?
  124. Send Your Pics First... Then We'll Open Ours
  125. Overused Profile Terms
  126. My Daughter Found our AFF Profile ...
  127. Face Pic on SLS
  128. Linking screen names together
  129. They rejected us after reading our profile...
  130. Picture Swap before swinging?
  131. Hello does not equal I want to fuck you
  132. AD sites: Favorite/ Least Favorite Features
  133. What are the meanings of these codes in screen names?
  134. Alias Names
  135. Replying to Ad Responses
  136. Frosted Flakes.............
  137. Anyone else think this seems disproportionate?
  138. SLS vs Adult Friend finder
  139. Generic e-mails
  140. We'd prefer a threesome, but we'll settle for a foursome
  141. Annoying Pics on Profiles?
  142. How to tell a couple you're not interested?
  143. a breif dialogue - or the inability for some people to converse online
  144. Protecting your private pics/photos...
  145. Not sure about this email...
  146. Talking about getting caught....
  147. Need advice on how to deliver a first contact message
  148. Contacting free members
  149. Whats with profiles with no guy pics?
  150. False Advertising...
  151. Are You In A Box?
  152. Are Explanations Necessary?
  153. Misnomers in Personal Ads or another side to their definition?
  154. How recent are your "swinger" photos?
  155. So many pics of women, but little of men?
  156. "Ghost Accounts" on websites, swinger ads or not
  157. Why are you only talking to my husband?
  158. Couples, Single Males, Nude photos & Unwanted Email
  159. Lookieloos? Posers? What are they?
  160. Why contact someone out of your area?
  161. Why post photos at all if you are going to make them all private?
  162. Obviously Fake Profiles
  163. Lucky on Craigslist?
  164. Good SLS tag lines
  165. Best swinger site
  166. Is it polite to ask for pics?
  167. Blocking Profiles on SLS
  168. Ancient Newbie’s Profiles
  169. So, what are you trying to say?
  170. meeting on-line
  171. Good webcam photos
  172. Play pictures on profiles. Good or bad idea?
  173. Does the 'Lifestyle Experience' on a profile influence your decision?
  174. adultfriendfinder/similar site experiences?
  175. What is the critical information for a profile?
  176. Using another's profile????
  177. The price of being too nice?
  178. when should face pics be shared?
  179. Sybian Invitation
  180. first email?
  181. SLS goes mobile
  182. Vent about swinging.
  183. Whats up with some guys and online chat
  184. Meeting up ASAP
  185. Why, why, why do they lie about weight?
  186. How to word that PROFILE/AD to weed out BI men?
  187. Not so flattering pictures...
  188. Sometimes schedules just don't mesh
  189. Not sure how to take this...they are stingy with their certifications
  190. Moving at the speed of molasses - from chat to meeting in person
  191. Craigslist vs. Lifestyle sites
  192. I wonder why people are putting this disclaimer on their profiles
  193. How many ad sites do you belong to?
  194. No Response...
  195. Phone Numbers in Profiles
  196. No men swing in our area.
  197. On couples profiles, I'm obsessed with looking at the man's weight...
  198. 420 friendly
  199. new to personals..please bear with..:)
  200. "I really like BBWs"
  201. Who knows about theswingsite?
  202. Too many certs?????
  203. Responding to free members: Do you email pictures?
  204. share some swinger sites
  205. Odd emails from people
  206. Opinions on how you would respond...
  207. Saw the craziest thing in a profile
  208. How did you set your age range?
  209. Can we request the removal of a certification of us on Swing Lifestyle?
  210. Haters, and freaks...
  211. Looking for "real people"
  212. Craig’s List Experience
  213. Profile Pics - Couples without pics of their Husband or Male S.O.
  214. Who else doesn't like to "cyber"?
  215. Pictures on SLS
  216. What makes a good site
  217. Making first contact online
  218. Does water seek it's own level?
  219. how do you find real people?
  220. Anonymous payment and swinger sites.
  221. Bad Vibes
  222. Not interested, should we still open our gallery?
  223. told you so and frustrated
  224. Possible to over-market yourself?
  225. should I put this in our SLS profile?
  226. Over-eager male?
  227. How To Mail That Couple
  228. Pushy Cuckold
  229. Are fakes and flakes normal with SBF? Or just Craigslist?
  230. Help on no replies to contacts