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  1. Is it ok to go slowly?
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  3. Interested in Swinging - Is there a Swinging for Dummies?
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  8. Will my wife enjoy it? Advice needed...
  9. Funny Stories and More?
  10. Boyfriend wants to swing and I don't know where to start
  11. Strip club as a test run to swinging?
  12. Did you swing on the 1st meet...
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  14. How long did it take you to decide?
  15. Wife not interested in swinger clubs but wants to go to adult theatre
  16. Need Lots of Info....very new, very curious!
  17. Wife has gone from cold to hot!
  18. Are we normal?
  19. Confused about the next step
  20. MFM Information
  21. She's changing her mind and doesn't want to swing
  22. where do i start?
  23. jumping straight to it
  24. Nervous, I want to take little steps
  25. Do you ever help newbies
  26. Did you BabyStep it, or just Dive In?
  27. How Do You Assess an Individual's or Couple's Proclivity to Swing?
  28. She wants me to play alone and tell her about it