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  1. Picture Exchange
  2. Swinging is supposed to be fun, why are you all so serious?
  3. beastiality
  4. Anal sex with well endowed
  5. Who's Pleasure is it?
  6. Least Favorite Thing about Swinging?
  7. I created a sex monster
  8. Girlfriend going on trip with swinger friends without asking me
  9. Do swinging and dating mix?
  10. What do you do when someone uninvited crashes your playtime?
  11. Do swingers get bored with strip clubs?
  12. What time of the year do you swing most?
  13. Are Swinging Wives Just Sluts?
  14. Professionals that are also in the lifestyle
  15. want to watch my wife with another guy
  16. thinking of starting a private swingers club in central illinois
  17. Swinging Singles and Marriage
  18. Starting a new club?
  19. unwillingly single
  20. Achieving Orgasm from Oral Sex
  21. Swinging Frequency Satisfaction?
  22. Blow Job Etiquette
  23. The appeal of swallowing
  24. Stupid Questions - Are you married?
  25. What is the % of men that give women oral sex?
  26. getting wife into anal
  27. Escort as ticket for single male to club
  28. Is it possible to go from single swinger to a couple swinging?
  29. If money is involved can it still be swinging?
  30. Giving the best oral sex to a man.
  31. Leaving body marks
  32. Helping non-swingers understand swinging.
  33. Woman Arrested in Texas for selling sex toys
  34. What do single MEN have to offer?
  35. shaving & yeast infections
  36. Swingers Rights
  37. Bunny Ranch
  38. Menopause and sex drive
  39. When you've become immune to porn
  40. Singles, if you had to choose a Relationship or Swinging, which would you choose?
  41. Blowjobs.... Guys do you orgasm from just oral?
  42. swinging with old flame.
  43. Swinging's Effect on Sex Drive
  44. Camping and Swinging
  45. Swinger Husbands
  46. Sexual Appetite Variance By Gender
  47. The Power of Disappointment
  48. Photographs while swinging
  49. Single Female (frustrated)
  50. What's your swinging soapbox?
  51. If swinging were an accepted way of life...
  52. Do people make things complicated?
  53. Are Swingers Considered an Easy Lay?
  54. want to start on premise club SW MI
  55. how does a single female get started?
  56. Disillusioned: A Tale of Two Swingers
  57. Tummy tucks and other stuff
  58. Swingers Wedding
  59. What is your thoughts on being 'exclusive' with another couple?
  60. Wife Worship and Related Topics
  61. Vanilla Hypocrisy
  62. sexual history, yours and theirs
  63. Sex with different partners, does it physically feel different?
  64. Hotel rooms, house parties and on-premise clubs...where do you prefer to play?
  65. Anal from the Missionary position?
  66. Smelling Women's Butts, Fetishes, And Other Questions
  67. 75% watch the others do?
  68. How do you deal with Bad Kissers
  69. Don't want to "out" a friend, but...
  70. How many women really like anal sex?
  71. Meeting single guy - having doubts
  72. Further Boob-Job Related Thoughts
  73. Fuck my wife, please . . . .
  74. My men keep falling asleep on me :eek:
  75. How dressed up do you get?
  76. Needing some advice!
  77. Swinging lead to divorce/breakup?
  78. Worried about Delayed reactions of guilt or anger
  79. Male/Female Improvements
  80. Why don't you swing enough?
  81. The pros and cons of swinging
  82. Regional differences in swinging?
  83. What do I do now....
  84. How do we find a man thats understanding of wifes cerebal palsy
  85. Do you go to strip clubs with other couples?
  86. Nervous about Two Males Naked in the Room
  87. Marrieds: If you were to become single again would you still swing?
  88. Advice for first DP.
  89. Should we tell our doctor?
  90. Once you're a swinger, Can you truly ever go back????
  91. Waxing - How Often?
  92. Overcoming insecurity
  93. Watching your partner be sexual
  94. What do men think of women who flirt?
  95. Are true swinging wives ALWAYS in the mood to play?
  96. FF while Hubby watched, are we de-virginized?
  97. Has anyone left their partner????
  98. Is this normal or is this a red flag?
  99. Wife upset because I lied about another woman touching me under the table
  100. I want my wife to have sex with another man but I keep getting cold feet
  101. Where does your head go?
  102. counseling for a swinger
  103. What are the Risks of swinging?
  104. Making our fantasy a reality
  105. If you could say one thing to society about swingers, what would it be and why?
  106. Anal Sex And Swinging
  107. Do you judge couples by who they play with?
  108. What are your hangups & traits you hate?
  109. Laser Hair Removal Experiences
  110. Cumming during Oral Sex
  111. What are the negative long-term effects of the Lifestyle?
  112. Men being friends with the other male
  113. have any other women lost interest in swinging with men?
  114. Enjoy swinging but something is missing!
  115. What seperates fantasy from reality?
  116. Lies for Sex?
  117. What if you find out afterwards that your relationship is over?...
  118. Hysterectomy, instant menopause, and sex life?
  119. How common is anal sex in the Lifestyle.
  120. Sexaholics Anonymous legitimacy
  121. Going on vacation with another couple
  122. When it feels like work
  123. female Partner doesn't orgasm with me
  124. A guys brazillian wax? have you done it?
  125. Any of you guys been intimidated by a womans sexual past?
  126. Sudden increase in sex drive since swinging was brought up
  127. GFE - Prostitution In The Lifestyle, Part II
  128. Is anal sex dangerous in the long run?
  129. don't leave home without it
  130. We need a slogan
  131. Anal and Vaginal penetration at the same time in MFM?
  132. Playing with someone Pierced
  133. Over-Analyzing - need help
  134. All 4 together vs swapping
  135. Performance Anxiety Ruining our fun :(
  136. We stopped the play and the couple got upset...
  137. "So, how long have you been in the lifestyle?"
  138. Circumcision question
  139. met a great couple but...her pussy smelled bad
  140. Once a Swinger Always A Swinger?
  141. Separate play dates...what do you do?
  142. good friends / bad smell
  143. discovered old friend on a swinger's site...
  144. How often did you swing?
  145. Ideas for Swingers caught in a budget crunch
  146. Single Girl Profiles
  147. Your Batting Average
  148. How do you balance your life?
  149. Guys with smaller dicks and anal sex
  150. The first time I heard....
  151. Have you ever created a new term?
  152. Difficulty cumming during oral - male
  153. Any Photographers out there..... question for you
  154. Swinging and Politics
  155. Crying after orgasm
  156. Are a lot of swingers nerds?
  157. Swinging and this bad economy...
  158. Wanna go away for a weekend?
  159. The Sport of Swinging.
  160. Football vs Swinging
  161. Diaries...
  162. A swinger anthem ?
  163. What's the thrill of watching?
  164. Is there a stigma with success?
  165. Code words
  166. Sick after sex party?
  167. Calling out your (swing) partners name in bed
  168. Journals
  169. What are you main issues in the lifestyle?
  170. Does swinging make us better lovers?
  171. Pubic hair advice for men
  172. Is it wise to start with a MFM threesome?
  173. Should Single Women Split the Room Cost with Couples?
  174. The adult industry and swingers... odd
  175. Expensive lifestyle?
  176. Monogamy a thing of the past?
  177. swingers and D/s community rift
  178. Is Porn-Style Sex the Lifestyle Norm?
  179. Guys and cumming / not cumming
  180. juvenile terminology
  181. How long were you together when you started swinging?
  182. pot smoking bisexual males
  183. Why is laughter such a problem?
  184. Enjoying watching your spouse with others
  185. What did your man say?
  186. Brand new couple looking for advice
  187. Porn is the answer?
  188. Seeing your wife with another partner
  189. He's teachable.
  190. Playmate friend asked me for a loan
  191. Is this Kosher?
  192. Too good to be true?
  193. Retrograde Ejaculation
  194. Is anyone married to a 100% str8 girl?
  195. Our little secret?
  196. couples with physical disability
  197. Single Female Seeking Partner: Is it possible?
  198. Spouse's Death
  199. Does swinging equal sexual liberation?
  200. Let's not make a habit of this...
  201. Silicone vs Saline - Needs advice
  202. Has anyone else had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from swinging?
  203. Is this a female dominated subculture?
  204. Does Swinging = More Sex?
  205. Lifestyle Magazine - Do you Get it?
  206. What have you left behind?
  207. Unicorn Success Club
  208. How Often is Too Much?
  209. Single lady...a funny conversation over the weekend:)
  210. Leave it a Fantasy
  211. Have your Motivations Changed?
  212. Anyone else suck at remembering names?
  213. If I were a Unicorn...
  214. Stuff Swingers Like
  215. Unicorn throwing a house party - safe or not?
  216. Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then...
  217. Friend with Benefit seems no longer interested in me
  218. Swing Partner ended our swing partnership
  219. How do you deal with a 20 year old mistake
  220. Why did she lie?
  221. Anticipation leads to crazy dreams
  222. My Obsession With Swinging leads to Guilt & Anger
  223. Encouraging the lifestyle? Do you? Should we?
  224. How will I feel watching her if I get off first and she's still going?
  225. Should we e-establish contact with couple we denied?