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  3. New from Brandon, FL
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  17. Hello all
  18. New!
  19. hello from pa
  20. hi my name is samsnowball
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  33. Dipping our toes into the lifestyle....
  34. BI-and-lovingIT , I guess says it all!
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  39. for good
  40. Hi from Detroit
  41. Hello everybody!
  42. Newbie Couple Taking First Sexy Vacation
  43. Hello all
  44. Hello! ex-pat from the hotwifing community.
  45. Hi
  46. Hello From Chicago :)
  47. Southeastern Connecticut says hello!
  48. New to the site and idea of swinging.
  49. New to all of this
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  55. Having some fun as a unicorn!
  56. Hello
  57. Hello everyone
  58. hippi
  59. Howdy
  60. Hello from Branson, Mo. Swing curious couple. Where to start for a meet next weekend?
  61. Hi just to have fun
  62. When your partner quits swinging and you don't
  63. hello from SC
  64. Hi from Central Florida
  65. New at this, just saying "hello"
  66. Hello everyone
  67. We are new to this :)
  68. Hello everyone
  69. Bi couple from NC
  70. We are new!
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  73. New to this board.
  74. Electrics are here Living Sexy
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  77. Thanks for the kind Welcome
  78. Living life
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  80. Hello everyone
  81. If you haven't slept with us....
  82. Back again
  83. Hello! Completely new to the lifestyle, no experience so far
  84. Hello! Allow me to introduce myself..
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  87. This is the first time here but been in LS for awhile.
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