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  1. How can I deal with these feelings of insecurity?
  2. Are your families/ jobs worth your lifestyle choice?
  3. wife concerned that swinging will interfere with our personal intimacy as a couple
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  14. Overcoming Objections
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  16. Wife has morals
  17. A few unique questions ...
  18. Is having a straight female a handicap in swinging?
  19. wondering if this is right for us?
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  21. Swinging to help build my confidence and better our relationship
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  23. seeing your man with another woman
  24. I've been asked to give it a try
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  27. Wife having moral issues
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  33. Not sure what to do about husband's reluctance to go further
  34. Afraid I may like it?
  35. I'm New She isn't How Do i Handle It?
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