View Full Version : What Do You Want Out of Swinging?

  1. Declining to play with a couple who is poly or in an open marriage
  2. How Many Concurrent Partners?
  3. Cuckolding: Another form of swinging?
  4. Married white female with black boyfriend.
  5. So do any couples here still have sex with other couples?
  6. How does "just watching" make you feel?
  7. For the non-poly crowd, # of play partners
  8. have you ever tried a "reverse date?"
  9. Do you ask people their "number"?
  10. Why do you prefer.....?
  11. Are key parties just a farce?
  12. Your First Swing Encounter-Foursome or Threesome?
  13. Soft swap/Full Swap
  14. Watching wife getting fucked
  15. Where we stand...what we plan...any thoughts?
  16. Exclusive play groups? aka secret society swingers?
  17. Do you prefer group or one couple?
  18. I feel the friendship is gone...and the guy used my wife
  19. Am I a cuckold?
  20. What about being exclusive with another couple? Is that possible in the lifestyle?
  21. Friends with benefits vs. variety