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  1. Adult kids
  2. Parents who swing
  3. Betrayed - Wife of Swinging Couple had sex with our 19 year old kids
  4. what do you say to the kids?
  5. Is it wrong to have our children home when we play?
  6. Kids and Discretion
  7. Sex Ed and lifestyle parents.
  8. Telling the Kids
  9. Kids as nudist
  10. Timing with Kids
  11. Yikes. Our kids discovered our sex toys....now what?
  12. problems with child
  13. children finding out?????
  14. Another question about kids and swinging
  15. Who's gonna watch the kid(s)?
  16. Being parents & swinging
  17. G-rated Pics + Kids
  18. Should they teach different lifestyles in school?
  19. I need advice from parents of teens!
  20. My middle schooler wants what??
  21. Swingers with children --- Guilt??
  22. Swingers with kids - Question.
  23. Swingers w/kids - Question 2
  24. family question
  25. If your adult children expressed an interest in swinging?
  26. what would you do if you ran into your grown kids at a swinger club?
  27. Daughter found pics!
  28. just discovered daughter/son-inlaw
  29. Ever been caught by kids during a swingers party???
  30. The Kids ? What to tell them??
  31. When your kids find out...
  32. Sister told me she thinks my parents are into BDSM
  33. Swinging while raising young children
  34. Protecting Our children
  35. Swingers without children
  36. Children at first meets between couples
  37. Is playing with kids in the house a bad idea?
  38. Talking to kids about swinging.
  39. House Parties & Playing in the kids room
  40. Sneaking out of the house
  41. Our teenager has found out about our lifestyle
  42. My mother is a swinger
  43. Worlds colliding (Swinging & vanilla websites)
  44. Having a couple over after the toddler goes to bed?
  45. The child dilemma
  46. Advice to Couples With Children
  47. Swingers with children...sex education?
  48. Daughter caught us - How to handle this?
  49. Having a few couples over with kids in the house
  50. Playing at home where adult children live - What are your thoughts?
  51. Children Swing and You find out - How Do You React? Addressing a parent's concerns
  52. Busted..our teenager found out we're swingers
  53. Outed by our 14 year old
  54. No kids?
  55. Do you ever feel guilty about swinging?
  56. Balance in the lifestyle? when you have kids...
  57. Is this a bad idea???
  58. Trying to adopt and swing?
  59. Swinging and Child Care Concerns