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  1. "Swingtown" on CBS?
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  8. Was partying with the neighbors really that common?
  9. Who do you want to F&CK on SwingTown?
  10. Join the Swingtown Mobile Infantry!
  11. Did you meet your partner/spouse/SO in the lifestyle......
  12. When will Janet and/or Roger participate?
  13. Who do you relate to?
  14. Who would you like your spouse to be more like?
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  22. swingers and non-swingers
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  29. Would you ever actually do what Susan did?
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  37. Would you make the call?
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  40. NOTE: Swingtown moved to FRIDAY!
  41. would another title have helped or hurt Swingtown??
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  45. Janet
  46. Hmm...Anyone else perplexed by the underage affair??
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