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  1. Mineola Swingers Get Retrial
  2. Club Owner Feels Violated (Las Vegas)
  3. Another Denver Club Owner Finds Trouble
  4. Sex club boots out sex offenders
  5. Is it a Health Club or a Swinger Club?
  6. Swinger Party Busted
  7. Eating Out at a Swinger Club
  8. Swingers Club Opens in Same Building as Children's Theatre
  9. New Swingers Reality TV Show
  10. A swing club as a research lab (Canada)
  11. Ask Amy: Shocker: Friends Are Swingers
  12. Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infedelity
  13. Accused Killers Swinger Lifestyle May Be Used as Evidence
  14. Huff Po article about swinging
  15. FL Murder Trial Includes Swinging Details
  16. Dallas Church/Swinger Club Closed
  17. Woman Carjacked by man she met at sex club
  18. Aruba murder suspect a swinger?
  19. Blog Entry: "Are swinger clubs stealing market share from prostitution?"
  20. "Slutwalk" has swinging connections (Editorial)
  21. Recession killing porn sales, according to Friend Finder Networks
  22. Dinner at A Swinger Club (A Review)
  23. The friendly skies?
  24. 10 Signs of Impending Divorce, and #1 is Swinging!
  25. Dear Prudence: My Boyfriend is an Ex-Swinger
  26. Swinger Club Complains about Noisy Neighbors
  27. Mom and Dad are Swingers
  28. Alleged Swinger Club Ordered to Cease
  29. Craig Ferguson
  30. New Swinger Club Being Investigated (UK)
  31. Positive article about a club opening (UK)
  32. Huffington Post Article on "Open Marriage"
  33. Journalist Inadvertantly Identifies Herself as a Swinger
  34. Swinger Takeover at Strip Club May Be Too Racy
  35. Swingers Club in Rental House Shut Down
  36. Article About 4Play Club in Edmonton Canada
  37. British Celebs Admit to Being Swingers
  38. The Ideological Fallacy of the Open Marriage
  39. Intricacies of an Orgy
  40. When do Swingers Find the Time?
  41. Husband of Missing Woman Admits they are Swingers [UK]
  42. "A world of swingers inevitible" (1972 article)
  43. Group sex experiment from 1973
  44. BDSM Club reopens in DC.
  45. Turns out Sting was a big fat liar...
  46. Monogamy is failing men
  47. Strippers Call for Regulation of Swingers Clubs
  48. Ireland a hot bed for swingers...
  49. Newt Gingrich' ex-wife claims he wanted an open marriage
  50. Paris Swinger Club Shut Down
  51. A court heard the drug-fuelled weekend had "gone well"
  52. Hot tub assault and a throwaway line about swinging
  53. Toronto Troubles Ahead?
  54. Trouble for Hampshire Swingers Club (UK)
  55. The Swinger's Story: How Two married People Found True Love While Swapping
  56. teen Discovers swinging Parents Online
  57. Melissa Rivers' boyfriend caught trying to cheat with swingers.
  58. College newspaper piece on swinging
  59. Careful where you take your swinger ad photos:
  60. "I was a professional strip club (and swinger club) reviewer"
  61. Red Rooster gets a (kind of) review -Blog
  62. Aukland, NZ swingers are loud....
  63. Celebrity RumorMill... Are Chris Brown and GF swingers?
  64. Swinger Club in Melksham (UK) to stay open
  65. UK Club Targeted By Arsonists
  66. Stephen Hawking a regular at Freedom Acres...
  67. "Swingers" article
  68. UK Club to Open Without Opposition
  69. Swingers Club May Open in Merritt Island (Orlando)
  70. VIP Swinger Clubs Attract Society Elite (Ireland)
  71. San Bernardino County fights proposed club
  72. Swingers Club Runs Out of Money, Gets Evicted
  73. Egyptian Swingers Arrested
  74. Swinger On Trial for Relationship with Minor
  75. Ask Ashley: How to find a Single Female
  76. Mexican Tourist Town Residents Unhappy About Second Desires Resort Location
  77. Swingers B&B Upsets Neighbors
  78. Phil Varone to Front New Swinger Series
  79. Sexual Harrassment Charges After Couple Forced to Swing with Boss
  80. Casting Call for New Swinger Reality TV Series
  81. Swinger Club with Dogging Room shuts down
  82. Laid in Chelsea: Caggie finds out where the real swingers get their action
  83. Doors Closing on AZ Swinger Club House
  84. Doors Close on Club Erotica - Chicago area swinger club
  85. ABC's Nightline does a swinger story
  86. Real Life Swingers Crime turned into Opera
  87. Marine Couple Comes Clean about Losing Their Jobs over Swinging
  88. Pampas Plants Signal for Swingers
  89. GA Man's Death During 3Way Nets Family 3M
  90. Article on Swinging from Winnipeg
  91. Soho party closed down
  92. Perils of Being Swingers
  93. Manitoba Judge Sex Inquiry
  94. Man Found Shot in Head Outside FL Swinger Club
  95. Claims of a new swingers club "nonsense" (UK)
  96. Town Protests Swinger Club
  97. UK Swinger club forced to shut down
  98. Jealousy leads to rage at a swinger club
  99. BDSM, Swinging, Sniffing Women's Butts. Oh, and murder
  100. Article/Blog: "Are you bored with monogamy?"
  101. Our America With Lisa Ling (OWN Network) Aug 21 Episode to Feature Swingers
  102. Scarlet Ranch now Squirrle Creek Lodge
  103. Update on Officer Shot at Swinger Club While Off-Duty
  104. Vibrators in NYC
  105. China Swingers Scandal
  106. This is why you shouldn't cheat in your own home
  107. Man Causes Scene After Being Ejected From Swinger Event
  108. City council votes to settle case with swingers club
  109. Majority Agree Swinger Club will NOT impact them
  110. Don't swing with students
  111. Lifting the Lid on Queenstown Swingers
  112. Husband Takes Revenge by Claiming his Ex-wife is a Swinger
  113. Oh, Noes! A Swinger Party In Our Neighborhood?? Say It Ain't So!
  114. Petition to stop Swinger Club
  115. Secret Singapore Swingers
  116. Ohs Really? Ohio is a Swinger State!
  117. Inside Trapeze ATL With a Sex Columnist
  118. Senate Campaign Office Manager Moonlights as Club Owner
  119. "live and let live" to Swingers
  120. Swingers Keep Things Interesting
  121. Detroit Investigation into Cops Moonlighting as Security at Swinger Clubs
  122. Heart Attack at a Sex Party
  123. Interview with the Owner of Club Princeton (Columbus, OH)
  124. KC Club Back In Action
  125. Quebec Club in Court
  126. Old School Swinging Ads from Avabilable Gentlemen
  127. Racheal Ray's Husband Suing Enquirer over Swinger Story
  128. University of Toronto sex
  129. Freakonomics
  130. Thai Swinger Party Raided
  131. T-Pain responds to rumors that he and his wife are swingers
  132. Owner of Cape Coral Swingers Club speaks out
  133. New Swinger Club opens in the Bowery
  134. Ron Jeremy cleared for sex after aneurism
  135. Swedish Club Goes Up in Flames
  136. Swingers Arrested after Sex with Minor (UK)
  137. Swinger Club Owner Pleads Guilty to Opening without permit
  138. Swingers Arrested after Sex with Minor (US)
  139. Swingers Club Owner Overwhelmed by Response to Half Off Deal
  140. Rowan Pelling's Sex Advice Column: We think Our Friends Might Be Swingers
  141. Swingers Board on Something Awful
  142. Ciara & Future & The Stripper make 3
  143. Westbury NY Night Club or Swinger Club?
  144. "Messiah of Sex" Dies at age 80
  145. Shooting outside club (Australia)
  146. Seth McFarlane a Swinger!
  147. Brothel Keepers Invest in Style
  148. Swinging with the Jones'
  149. Brisbane Club closed down due to lack of disability access
  150. Former Club Owner Denied
  151. Contraversal Home Sees Contraversy as a Swinger Club
  152. Behind Closed Doors - Manchester Swingers
  153. Shocking Details of Swinging in Nairobi
  154. Swinging alive and well in tasmania
  155. Children's Play Center as Swinger Party Locale
  156. STD's on the rise with Irish Swingers
  157. Jealous husband charged with killing track coach
  158. The new "Voyeur Swingers"
  159. Power Exchange Club in Vegas caught in Federal drug bust
  160. Shirley Jones accuses Joan Collins of having been a swinger
  161. Swinger Club shut down in Florence, SC
  162. Real "Swinger" Housewives of NJ?
  163. Child Molestors met victim's parents through swinger site
  164. Military Swingers!
  165. Man Burglarizes Home of Couple he met on Swinger Site
  166. Christian Swingers in the News with new targeted website
  167. Woman Sues Nudist Resort for Choosing Swingers Over Her
  168. Top Enlisted Sailor Retires After Investigation
  169. Robin Thicke and wife swingers?
  170. Gov Council following swinger club on Twitter?
  171. Just Another bored journalist visiting a swinger club...
  172. Movie News: 2+2 (A Couple With a Couple)
  173. Irish Swinger Club Advertising in Public Business Park
  174. Sweden's Biggest Sex Party Sparks Local Fury
  175. Swinger Club Opens Across from School (UK)
  176. Navy officer convicted of infecting swingers with HIV wins appeal
  177. A new book about the author's lifestyle adventures
  178. Renegotiating sexual contracts in monogamous relationships
  179. Are Swingers Freaky and Deviant? - Psychology Today
  180. Delving Into Perth's Swinging Scene
  181. Australian-born radical Muslim arrested after shooting at sex club
  182. Redditor's Answer to His Life's Mistake: Swinging
  183. The Swinging Life of Nashville
  184. Help! My wife Wants to Swing...
  185. Women, Swinging, Sex and Seduction
  186. Alleged Brothers 4 Life gang member arrested over swinger club shooting
  187. What it's like to go swinging
  188. Illinois club fights to stay open
  189. How not to hit on store clerks
  190. Alternative Sexuality Lexicon (Slate - Blog)
  191. Cop shoots man after women refuse swapping plan
  192. "Champagne Club" swings, but is it legal?
  193. Colorado swingers spice up sex life at Squirrel Creek Lodge
  194. Another Journalist visits a swinger club
  195. Owner of "Murder Mansion" on swinger site
  196. Creator of FAKE swinger site jailed
  197. Ethics & Religion Talk Panel on Whether Swinging is Adultery
  198. A Look Into the Lives of PA Swingers
  199. Fate of UK swinger club TBD
  200. "Trips to swingers clubs where he forced his wife to have sex with strangers..."
  201. Most sexually satisfied countries
  202. Swinger Club Opens Across From UK Christian tv Station
  203. Where can older couple find third?
  204. Killing Kittens Sex Club Opens in Belfast
  205. Sunderland Swinger Club Helps Couples Who have Drifted Apart
  206. Toronto Swing Club Owner Longs for Simpler Swinger Times
  207. Brooklyn House Used for Secret Sex Parties
  208. The More the Merrier - Swinging at Hedonism
  209. Swingfest Events CEO Speaks at High School Creates Controversy
  210. Teacher Accused of Taking Students to Swinger Club (Italy)
  211. Neighbor steals risque photos and uses them to set up fake swinger profile
  212. Man Rents home on AirB&B, returns home to orgy
  213. The Party will live on.
  214. Valet sues Menages club over unpaid wages
  215. Hook-Up Truck Hits Oakland
  216. Dear Prudence: Should We Bring Up Swinging to Our Neighbors?
  217. Woman sues pub after swinger club request
  218. Sick assholes guilty of assault.
  219. First Ever Swingers Awards
  220. Dean and Tori, Swingers?
  221. Brooklyn building renting only to Polys...
  222. Swinger Hoedown In National Park (UK)
  223. "Fight Church" pastor wanted to swing with members
  224. Swinger's club shooter sentenced to probation
  225. Swingers in Stoney Creek
  226. Irish Swingers Club "inundated" with job applications
  227. Two Denver cops, wives accused of drunken swingers brawl
  228. Councillor suspended over swinger photos (Ireland)
  229. Swingers club moves in Edmonton
  230. Club opens next to church (UK)
  231. Article about The Farm property auction and future
  232. Article about The Villages (Florida's friendliest hometown!)
  233. Who is having the most sex?
  234. Huffington Post on Everything You Need to Know About Swinger Resorts
  235. Dan Savage advises kinky senior cousins, and pregnant swingers
  236. Threesome on a boat doesn't end as expected.
  237. Miami Elected Official Opens Swinger Club
  238. Inside the secret world of sex parties
  239. Club allowed to place employment ad on social protection website
  240. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice director passes away
  241. The subject of swinging hits the stage
  242. Banquet hall is a hotspot for swingers
  243. "Visit a Swinger Club Near You"
  244. Vice interview with Phil Varone, "King of Swinger Porn"
  245. Dear Deidre: My Hubby asked me to have sex with another man
  246. Healthy Reasons to Swing
  247. Another Denver club closes
  248. "Vice" goes swinging
  249. Somebody think of the children!
  250. Man charged with rape at swinger club