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  1. How bi are you?
  2. Men swingers and bisexuality
  3. One for the ladies. Do you lose respect if your man plays with a man?
  4. Men, how would you react if a man started giving you oral?
  5. Ladies: Who thinks bi/bi curious guys are hot?
  6. Do women share a fantasy of seeing their man have sex with another man?
  7. Men: Bi-curious, Bi-sexual, or just plain sexual?
  8. Same sex kissing?
  9. Where Are All The Bi Men?
  10. wife fucking another woman with a strap-on dildo
  11. Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?
  12. Any Bi-Bi couples here?
  13. Varying Levels of Bisexual
  14. Is male bisexuality an evolving thing?
  15. Is this just extra kinky or Bi?
  16. Hard to find Bi male/Straight F Couple
  17. Did you have to learn to enjoy Bi?
  18. F/F couple
  19. Thinking about exploring my bi-side...
  20. A better more emotionally accurate way of defining "Bi"
  21. Which one is better
  22. Do any other "Swinger" guys like to suck cock besides me?
  23. Guys who love cum?
  24. Bi guys over age 45, your input please
  25. Bi curious, questions about first experience
  26. How many wives are turned on by husband's bisexuality?
  27. Do you think you were born, or became, bisexual?
  28. Think I could be bi-ing into it
  29. Dear Lady A: Doesn't being a swinger mean I have to be open to having sex with both
  30. What do you call yourself?
  31. Does being bisexual mean you'll do anyone?
  32. Women, do you feel pressured to do girl/girl?
  33. Ladies: Bisexual Theory
  34. Exploring with a TS
  35. What swinger websites are best for Bi/Bi couples?
  36. Does She Know That You're Bi?
  37. Best friend can't handle my bi-sexuality
  38. A question for the bisexual ladies out there...
  39. Okay, but are you really bisexual?
  40. Women watching husband with another man
  41. Are you out as bisexual, but not out as a swinger?
  42. Watching your man with another man.
  43. Why the label bi?
  44. A girl who yearns for her first bi experience
  45. Bi possibly
  46. Terms concerning Bi-sexuality
  47. Bi-Sexual or Bi-Curious Females in Swinger Site Profiles
  48. He said he was bi but went straight right after he had sex with my wife...WTF?
  49. Very interesting website
  50. Did curiosity about bisexual play bring you to swinging?
  51. How do you find a bi partner
  52. What is bi?
  53. Bi male vs bi female
  54. Must be Bi Male month.
  55. Gay Swingers
  56. Thinking of giving it a try
  57. I can suck another guy but thats it...WHY the hangup?
  58. If I am BI, why do straight guys keep contacting?
  59. How to make your wife bi
  60. Why aren't all these Bi girls really bi-sexual?
  61. Male bisexual play - What to do and what to expect?
  62. What guy on guy sex acts have you done?
  63. Having same sex encounter in front of spouse?
  64. Bi guys, what do you like best about being with another man?
  65. About the BiSexuality and Swinging Forum
  66. How I went from orally bi to topping every once in a bluemoon...
  67. Noob here, first time with couple soon, unsure about bisexual play!
  68. So many Bi men, when did this change.
  69. Searching for other Bi couples
  70. Evolved to Bi-sexual, what was the tipping point?
  71. Out as bisexual, but still closeted as a swinger?
  72. Planning on meeting my first bi guy on my own to set up a threesome for my SO and I.
  73. Guys!!! Top or Bottom? Which one do you prefer and why pls