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  1. Why am I nervous about her meeting another man?
  2. Swingers and Saturdays
  3. At what point are you comfortable Exchanging Phone Numbers
  4. Not Sure What to expect of our first time
  5. Single Male - First MFM. Any tips or advice?
  6. Advise: First meet this Wednesday night
  7. Any tips for first timers?
  8. First meeting for MFM...
  9. Do's and Don'ts for first time MFM play
  10. First time with experienced or another newbie couple?
  11. Newbies first time plan
  12. Best place to swing for the first time?
  13. King size bed or two doubles??
  14. Nerves
  15. Playing on the first meeting
  16. Should we postpone first meet?
  17. First Time - Watching?
  18. Advice for the First Threesome? - Calming Nerves
  19. Safety Plans when meeting new people?
  20. What do you do when the play is over?
  21. When it happens should they stay the night or leave?
  22. We are starting today, requesting advice
  23. What if there is an "awkwardness" after
  24. What to take with us for our first meet
  25. Sex Progression For Dummies - Order of events - oral received, oral give, sex?