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  1. Learning Experiences - Do's & Don'ts of Swinging
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  3. Do you try to coach people when they aren't doing it right?
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  6. Female Sexual Agressiveness
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  9. To preplan potential playmate or not?
  10. This Thread is Useless without Pictures. Help the men out!
  11. Little white Lies
  12. Replays
  13. Pro Tips
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  15. How Often Do You Swing?
  16. The things we forget...
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  18. So who has photography tips?
  19. Planning our first FMMMMM
  20. First MFM coming up. Any advice?
  21. New, and Needing Help w/ Pressure!
  22. Do I go along with playing so everyone else can be happy?
  23. Is this a problem?
  24. Should I be offended by aggressive behavior
  25. Emotional Roller Coaster Ride
  26. Post play etiquette on physical contact
  27. What do you say... after?
  28. No Chemistry with other partner
  29. Just Sex?
  30. Follow Up or Wait?
  31. Introducing Couples - Pros & Cons of hooking up couple friends
  32. Etiquette question