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  1. Power or control?
  2. Let me hear your " I thought I was in love story "
  3. My mom knows we're swingers: How do we deal with being found out?
  4. Dealing with feeling left out
  5. Would you meet a couple for the first time - at their house?
  6. The other male: Did he have a secret agenda?
  7. Are we making the seasoned couples angry because we aren't swinging yet?
  8. Only our 2nd time and confused already!!
  9. Outed before we started
  10. The Whole Event Crashed and Burned...
  11. Wife's Friend Flirts with Me...
  12. Just can't connect
  13. Injured During Sex
  14. What things have kept you from swinging the way you'd like?
  15. Advice please, I have been outted
  16. Swinger's skill set
  17. Are you Lucky in swinging?
  18. Invited to House Party, host made it clear she did not want to play with my husband
  19. They lied about their relationship status - how would you respond?
  20. Do some couples disappear after a great time in bed?
  21. Were we had?
  22. Trying not to alienate the husband of this couple
  23. Responsibilities to your playmates' relationship?
  24. Are they team players? Or were they leading us on?
  25. She fell for him. Now What?
  26. Swing with best friend? (while doing drugs)
  27. Is swinging a felony in your state? It is in Wisconsin.
  28. Friend showing interest in hubby, should we initiate a threesome?
  29. What to do when you see people you know join the lifestyle?
  30. Any advice for couples with a straight female?
  31. Are we just unlucky ?
  32. Being blackballed....
  33. What did we do wrong?
  34. I feel like I'm failing her...how do I solve this issue?!?!
  35. Does Swine Flu Change Your Behavior?
  36. Playing solo "discreetly", should I assume he's cheating?
  37. First MFM experience went ok until I felt pushed out
  38. Thinking about going condomless...
  39. Not disappointed - but wife doesn't believe me
  40. Condom/Bareback Situation
  41. People You SHOULD NEVER Swing With
  42. Who Knows you Swing?
  43. Need advice: Encountered someone we know on lifestyle site