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  1. Effect of swinging on relationships
  2. He says if we stop swinging, the relationship is over
  3. When Feelings Develop?
  4. What kills a relationship?
  5. when is the right time to say the relationship is over??
  6. Is there a difference between the sex with your wife and with others?
  7. What 'makes' your marriage?
  8. Whoring around in virtual Babylon
  9. Relationships ending because of swinging
  10. The husband and my wife spend alot of time talking...should I be worried?
  11. A swinging wife's trust level...
  12. Some questions are best unasked
  13. Can spouses who have cheated ever be trusted with Swinging again?
  14. Boyfriend is BI?
  15. I'm getting emotionally attached...and I'm scared
  16. Is It SUPPOSED to Feel Like A Break-Up?
  17. Female half of couple getting too attached?....
  18. He refuses to let me in on the communications...
  19. She can't make up her mind
  20. Problems between me, my boyfriend, and the other woman
  21. Abusive husband/wife
  22. Love to watch him but feel cheated afterwards.
  23. GF getting attached to female friend
  24. All these secrets....
  25. Want to try a MFM threesome and I thought hubby was on board.
  26. Dr Dumb or How I learned to open mouth and insert foot to the knee...
  27. Do you have each others back?
  28. I say WHY RUSH?...But she wants to.
  29. really kill the mood for me
  30. Do you trust enough to be flexible?
  31. For couples, who has more fun in your adventures?
  32. Jealousy Outside of Swinging
  33. do swingers have better marriages
  34. Swinging/Divorce/Infidelity
  35. can you start dating a man and start swinging at the same time?
  36. Should I tell my wife that I told my friend to hit on her?
  37. Divorce Rate Among Swingers
  38. Sacrificing Swinging for Monogamy
  39. Husband agreed "no more play" then broke his promise...
  40. Divorced over swinging?
  41. Can a wife be a closet Lesbian
  42. If we move forward, I get the feeling that we won't be together for very long
  43. Complimenting Other Women But Not the Mrs.?
  44. Getting divorced after 3 yrs in LS
  45. she was a swinger unicorn
  46. What would you think if your spouse was sending texts like these?
  47. swinging damage
  48. My husband has become preoccupied with sex and risky behavior
  49. Depression, Libido, Swinging
  50. Advice wanted: Lost intimacy in our sex life
  51. Oh please help
  52. Why would my wife tell me hook up outside lifestyle?
  53. Need Guidance: Friend and Girlfriend approached Husband not Wife
  54. seeking advice again :(
  55. He is quick to give oral to others, but not to me
  56. What to do when your partner says to you you are not a swinger?
  57. I want my weekend's with my wife back :(
  58. When wife gives up sex.
  59. Not sure what to do? (Unsatisfied with sex life)
  60. having a couple issues want to get off my chest.
  61. Getting closer to wanting to do this