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  1. First Experience - Good or Bad?
  2. Was your first swinging encounter with a couple or a single?
  3. Bad first experience
  4. First time 3some/ questions
  5. First Experience
  6. Our First Swinging Experience
  7. Our first House Party
  8. First time at an on-premise
  9. First experience, one man down
  10. First mfm-unbelieveable!!!
  11. Our first time
  12. It finally happened! First MFM
  13. Our 1st MMF
  14. We Did It!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Our first experience
  16. We did it!
  17. What a night!
  18. Wife's First Bi-Experience Soon! Share Feelings, Nerves & Excitement About Your 1st!
  19. What happened first time swinging?
  20. We did it!!!! However...
  21. Climbing Mount Newbie
  22. An amazing week - First Explorations
  23. Well, we did it!
  24. We did it!!!!!
  25. Our first swaps - Unresponsive partners - HELP!
  26. OMG -- It's REALLY gonna happen!!!
  27. First threesome, now husband has regrets...
  28. We did my fantasy - MMMF
  29. First Time for everyone - Tell Us!
  30. First time jitters
  31. Did we go too far?
  32. How was the first time you had a threesome?
  33. We got our feet wet!!!
  34. We just had our first experience
  35. Our first visit to an on-premise club
  36. First girl/girl experience and disappointed
  37. after first time - can anyone relate?
  38. "Rules" went out the window...
  39. It's Official - We're No Longer Newbies!!!
  40. First Threesome on Saturday
  41. Started on the wrong foot ???
  42. first time!
  43. Our First Club Experience
  44. My first swinging experiences...
  45. We just had out first experience!!!
  46. Our first experience. A somewhat G rated version....
  47. almost there - first party
  48. My First introduction to the lifestyle. (single male)
  49. First Experience
  50. What was your first exposure to swinging?
  51. We swung, we came :), and we got more than we bargained for!
  52. Just Had Our First Experience :( :) ???
  53. First Club Experience - The Good, The Bad and well you get the idea.
  54. First time at a club.
  55. We finally jumped in
  56. first full swap.... everyone thought we had a good time, but one person felt left out
  57. Our first MFM happened, by chance :D
  58. She finally got banged
  59. We had our first experience, and don't think its for us...
  60. Our First Full Swap - Lengthy Synopsis...
  61. So, we're headed to our first party this weekend...
  62. First Swing experience. Alot of damage done!
  63. Officially a swinger! :D
  64. First time with a single guy
  65. Wish us luck
  66. Yay!! We've lost our virgin status!!
  67. Woo Hooo! Had our first play date tonight.
  68. Disappointing first time
  69. Went to club, not sure I was ready
  70. We are about to not be Virgins !!!!
  71. Our First Time!
  72. Our first visit to a club
  73. Swinger virginity....goodbye!
  74. first time and was great!
  75. Our first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. First Time Trouble
  77. We finally did it!
  78. Got Started!
  79. Update to Nerves, first meets, ect....am I over reacting here?
  80. Easier than we Thought
  81. I experienced my first 3some!
  82. It Happened!!! OMG
  83. First time experierence good?
  84. my first time (funny and embarrasing as well)
  85. we did it!! Wow but hmm...
  86. It HAPPENED!!!!
  87. First club experience
  88. Our Story: Before and After
  89. Our first experience was when I was prego
  90. We've been assimilated
  91. It wasn't the best experience of our lives, but it wasn't the worst either.
  92. Our First Time
  93. Another 'first time to club'...
  94. Our first time last Saturday!
  95. First Timers Trip Report
  96. It Finally Happened
  97. Popped our swinger cherry...now time to daydream.
  98. First party tonight :)
  99. What a weekend
  100. Are we swingers?
  101. Trip report - first house party
  102. First House party
  103. Our first time tomorrow night...
  104. It happened last night!
  105. Our first house party
  106. Our first...but not last
  107. No Longer Virgins !
  108. Our first swinging step
  109. We'll never forget
  110. Your first time?
  111. First time at a club
  112. First Time
  113. We Did It: Are First Swing(3 Some)
  114. We had our first expirience!!
  115. First Experience Story and Questions
  116. Excuse me...What's your card number?
  117. interesting first time!!!
  118. Our first time-the good and the bad
  119. Our first full swap
  120. First time experience was a bad one. - Newbies preyed on at club
  121. It could have gone better
  122. First experience. Wow!
  123. The time has arrived for our 1st experience
  124. "Honey I blew the D.J."
  125. I should play the lottery...
  126. We had our first experience.
  127. Popping our swinging cherry, take 2!
  128. And off we went into sexual bliss (our first experience)
  129. First time and need some help!!
  130. First date with another couple
  131. Christian couple, how we started with swinging.
  132. Our Epic 7 Year Anniversary Event
  133. our slow introduction to the lifestyle
  134. We finally got started!
  135. We graduated
  136. Had my first solo bi experience!!!
  137. Our First Experience:
  138. first time swinging seperately
  139. Our first "experience", Going to a social
  140. First visit to a club
  141. My first BJ from another guy
  142. Did we say something wrong?
  143. Finally did it!! - First Threesome
  144. Help First MFM experience sort of
  145. First Time TONIGHT!
  146. We finally did it!!!
  147. First Time Last Saturday (Tame MFM) - Have Questions
  148. First time is in the books!!
  149. Well I did it.....
  150. No more training wheels!
  151. My first time almost changed my mind about swinging...
  152. Our first MFM experience!!
  153. First MFM. wow.
  154. Our first MFM second and third with 4 a cuming sat
  155. A night of many firsts...
  156. Survived our first club visit, unscathed.
  157. We had our first MFM
  158. our first time!
  159. First Time Doing "Something"
  160. Jealousy
  161. Took the Plunge
  162. Our/My first gangbang.....
  163. First time at a club
  164. What a night !! - First Trip to a Club
  165. First soft swing
  166. Our first swing club.
  167. HappyCpl Went 'All The Way' For the 1st. Time!!
  168. Our first threesome
  169. Our First Time
  170. First time Experience
  171. meeting with single girl, left me uncomfy ? NOT ! anymore...
  172. First Threesome, her First time with another guy
  173. Our first time adventure
  174. Our 1st FMF threesome..what was yours like?
  175. finally had our first fun with MMF
  176. going to our first club
  177. Our first visit to the on-premise club, as members
  178. Nervous, excited and happy for Mrs W
  179. she had her first experiance with a girl
  180. Our first real swing experience- very HOT
  181. Our first foursome
  182. Wordless!
  183. Our First time
  184. Finally! A Couple we can fuck!
  185. First time at a club last Saturday
  186. First Time Fun In Florida
  187. First full swap
  188. Solo guy first time
  189. It finally happened, our first time. WOW!
  190. First time
  191. Well, it happened- our first TRUE experience!
  192. First Steps.....
  193. Newbies had a blast
  194. Our first club visit last night
  195. First time
  196. First time in Montreal - Great!!
  197. Our First Time at a Club
  198. Our first threesome with a female friend!!
  199. Our first on-premise club!!
  200. Excited about first experience coming soon
  201. Our First Time! It was Great!
  202. First time was amazing!!
  203. First MFM and a bit Nervous
  204. First time hall pass with a SF
  205. My first time in a swinger's club
  206. Our First Threesome, sort of.
  207. First hotel overnight
  208. Our First of many for the New Year
  209. First time party experience!!
  210. Was our Cherry Popped or just stretched a bit?
  211. We did it
  212. Saturday Night Fun
  213. First House party and full swap
  214. definitely a good stepping stone
  215. Our first mfm
  216. Our Cherry is Popped - J's version
  217. First Experience... not quite how we hoped haha
  218. Total first time - Failure to launch
  219. Many firsts last night! Successful launch this time!
  220. Her first time with another guy...
  221. Wow! Ok so that was cool!
  222. From bad to worse to Wow!
  223. Advice needed please on first time experience
  224. First time at a swinger club
  225. Our first time swinging! Went to an on-premise and had an amazing night.
  226. Short Intro/First Time @ Club
  227. We got our feet wet...MFM went GREAT
  228. Busting the MFM bubble
  229. First time at an on-premise club with excellent results
  230. Tonight will be the first night my SO has sex with another man
  231. 1st time for Mrs Dracula with 2 men !
  232. First Time Was Delicious
  233. Tonight is the night!
  234. First MFM Threesome.
  235. First MfM
  236. Party on Saturday: A little nervous
  237. FINALLY... successful mmf
  238. Holy crap....
  239. First MFM
  240. First time, not as good as the second
  241. Costume party swing initiation
  242. Our first time was amazing
  243. Our first time: MFM experience
  244. First Lifestyle experience (MFM) and a bit conflicted
  245. She was great, but...
  246. First Swinging Event... Halloween!!
  247. What do you think?
  248. First time being watched!!
  249. Tonight was first party
  250. 1st time with a stranger